Kill Fireman!
Fireman, Episode 23
Frmn Blue
Air date 06/12/1973
Screenplay by Bunzo Wakatsuki
Directed by Toshitsugu Suzuki
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It has Arrived!! The Transformed Alien
The Harmonica Crying in the Night

Kill Fireman! (ファイヤーマンを殺せ!, Faiyāman wo korose!) is the 23rd episode of Fireman.


Green Giller experimental new bomb lost their home because, had been wandering the universe in the spacecraft of 200 boats in search of immigration destination, had promoted the invasion secretly keeping an eye on earth. Takeshi who witnessed the place where villagers Kawase has met with alien is captured, cape taken hostage children, the terrible pinch is set a time bomb in the arm! But, it is saved in a calm processing of Unno captain, Takeshi.






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