Killing Machine No. X14
Season 0, Episode 3
3rd Ep TF
Air date July 17 - July 21 1972
Screenplay by Bunzo Wakatsuki
Directed by Toshitsugu Suzuki
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Killing Machine No. X14 (殺人マシン X14号 Satsujin Mashin X14-Gō) is the 3rd episode of Triple Fighter. The episode was aired separately in five parts from July 17 to July 21 of 1972.


Part 1

Paris SAT headquarters sent a message to SAT Japan via Bullcon to locate a mysterious "Object X" approaching Earth from Planet Devil. The Hayase siblings are dispatched immediately. Doctor Apache appeared via teleporting through a puff of smoke on Demon's commands and met up with his Devila army. He told them about his plan to get rid of the Triple Fighters with X14, a device he made that would also be too heavy for anyone to pick up other than Doctor Apache himself. He kicked a subject Devila far away and that got the attention of Yuji, who decided to investigate. While he was doing so, Doctor Apache confronted Yuji and the latter transformed into Red Fighter. Tetsuo and Yuji hero's comrades dealt with the Demon cars. Meanwhile, Atsushi came into the SAT base. Bullcon issued a warning that "Earth's last day was approaching". It's very dangerous state. Dr. Apache leaves, riding on top of the Demon Car.

Part 2

Tetsuo and Lily tracked and battled the Devila trying to find Object X. Dr. Apache returned to fight Red Fighter, the former managed to keep the latter in the air with telekinises at one point. Soon, Demon contacts Apache, who stops his battle with Red Fighter and leaves. Red Fighter chased Apache, but lost him. Tetsuo and Lily chase a Demon Car suspected to hold Object X but found no sign of it. At that time, Apache was then seen inside a dark building with the Devila where he used a key to start the machine X14.

Part 3

After Dr. Apache initiated No. X14, it was impossible to turn it off. Hayase siblings located the Kaijin via a tracking device attached to a Demon Car. Dr. Apache raged. He boasted "I'll invade Earth alone" and "Without help from Devila". The Hayase siblings managed to find Dr. Apache. Devila appear before Yuji, who transforms into a Red Fighter. Tetsuo and Lily transformed as well. The 3 fighters confronted the Demon Phantom and his Devila.

Part 4

As the fighters continue their battle, Apache approaches Green Fighter and introduced himself. He revealed that X14 was a bomb that would destroy Earth. Atsushi visited SAT headquaters and Bullcon was making calculations of "Object X". SAT's Paris headquaters sent an emergency warning. Meanwhile, The three fighters fought Apache and in the process, he dropped the key for X14. The heroes combined but the ape Kaijin fled.

Later, the Hayase siblings discovered X14 but it could not be turned off unless they found the key. Bullcon calculated that the bomb would explode in 38 minutes, killing all living beings on Earth. SAT drove out, attempting to find the key.

Part 5



Doctor Apache (First and only appearance)

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