Taro Bracelet/King Bracelet
King Bracelet
User(s): Ultraman Taro
Nature: Bracelet
Powers: Various
First Appearance: Ultraman Taro Episode 1 "Like the Sun, Mother of Ultra" (Taro Bracelet)
Ultraman Taro Episode 18 "The Mother of Ultra's Miracle Of Love" (King Bracelet)
Status: Still in use

The King Bracelet (キングブレスレット Kingu Buresuretto?) is Taro's personal Ultra Bracelet. Originally the Taro Bracelet (タロウブレスレット Tarou Buresuretto?), it was upgraded by Mother of Ultra, after Ultraman Taro died during a battle with Birdon. The King Bracelet has a wide variety of functions such as turning into a lance and a giant bucket.


Taro Bracelet

Taro's original bracer, it's only known power is to turn into a lance.

  • Bracelet Lancer (ブレスレットランサー Buresuretto Ransā?)

King Bracelet

  • Diameter: 1.6 m
  • Thickness: 55 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 t

Being an upgraded bracer the King Bracelet has much more capabilities.

  • Size increase: The king bracelet will grow in size to be used as several different items.
    • Muzzle effect: The bracer increases in size and is used as a muzzle. Used against Birdon.
    • Toxin removal: Taro use the enlarge King Bracelet to cure any individual of toxins within their body.
  • Alter-ego effect: Splits Taro into two.
  • Bracelet Revive ray: The King Bracelet is capable of healing wounds.
  • Taro Barrier: Forms a tiny spark wrist barrier that blocked Mephilas' eye beam.
  • Bracelet Beam: Fires an energy blast.
  • Ultra Lance: Also called the "Taro Lance", the King Bracelet turns into a white lance.
  • Magic Hand: Magic tricks.
  • Bucket: Turns the bracelet into a plastic blue bucket filled with water for waking up drunken monster Beron.


  • Much like the original Ultra Bracelet, it was developed after their respective bearers are unable to fight bird-themed opponents.
  • In the 34th episode of Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Jack is seen wearing the Taro Bracelet instead of the Ultra Bracelet.


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