King Galactron
Home world: N/A
First appearance: Ultraman Festival 2017 (stage)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Geed Episode 22: Repossession (2017)
Height: 70 m
Weight: 79,000 tons
Category: Robots
Affiliation: King Joe (Component)
Galactron (Component)
Kei Fukuide (Creator/Controller)
Roar(s): N/a

King Galactron (キングギャラクトロン Kingu Gyarakutoron?) is a Belial Fusion Monster that was introduced in Ultraman Festival 2017, before implemented into Ultraman Fusion Fight! and finally making a proper debut in Ultraman Geed.[1] It is a combination of King Joe and Galactron.

Subtitle: Belial Fusion Monster (ベリアル融合獣 Beriaru Yūgō-jū?)


  • Height: 70 m
  • Weight: 79,000 t
  • Origin: Abandoned factory in Kanbayashi
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Brute Strength: 250,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 150,000 t


Ultraman Geed

King Galactron appears in episode 22 of Ultraman Geed. After nearly losing in a three on one, Kei Fukuide transformed into King Galactron. Not long after, Ultraman Geed and Ultraman Zero arrived on the scene to combat the fusion kaiju. Kei then set his goal on the capsules within Moa Aizaki's car. King Galactron fired the Pedanium Hard Launcher, but was blocked by Geed. However the energy that spewed from the attack hit the car and caused it to crash. Zero came in and kicked him to the ground, allowing Geed and Zero to become Royal Mega Master and Zero Beyond respectively.

Even with their increased powers, King Galactron still posed a challenge for the two. The two Ultras eventually weakened him, with slashes from the King Sword and a Beyond Twin Edge. He was finally finished off with a combination of Geed's 87 Flasher and Zero's Twin Giga Break.


  • Paralleling Orb and Geed's similarity in their usage of past Ultras' powers, the similarities of King Galactron's components are as follows:
    • Both are robots built using extraterrestrial knowledge (King Joe is built with Pedanium alloy while Galactron's inner frame defies the Earth's law of physics).
    • Both can separate their body parts.
    • Both debuted in the same episode numbers of their series (14 and 15) and had the longest battle with Ultra Warriors in their first appearance.
    • Both were rebuilt sometime after their first destruction, each with different powers and purposes.
  • While King Joe is the earliest robot to fight an Ultra Warrior, Galactron is one of the most recent robot to debut in the New Generation Heroes era as of Ultraman Orb.
  • King Galactron has a similarly odd history to Ultraman Orb's form, Lighting Attacker. Both where only stage show exclusives at the time, and later they were both brought to the show as offical forms in series, Lighting Attacker in Ultra Fight Orb, and King Galactron in Geed. Additionally, both of their physical bodies have the aspects of robotic/cyber-based form.
  • In the original design, King Galactron was portrayed to have a bulkier body frame and did not feature the cable-like neck. This is most likely scrapped later on in order to design its suit.
  • Compared to all Belial Fusion Monsters, King Galactron had the shortest screen time, lasting only in its debut episode. It is also the only transformation where Kei doesn't necessarily need to actively tap into Belial's residual dark energy.

Other media

Ultraman Festival 2017


Belial as King Galactron

King Galactron appeared as the final boss of both Ultraman Festival stageshows.

In the first round of the stageshow, King Galactron was transformed from Ultraman Belial into fighting against Ultramen Geed, Orb, Zero, X, Tiga and Seven. Through the audience's own light, Seven, Zero and Geed transformed into Ultraseven X, Shining Ultraman Zero and Acro Smasher respectively as they perform a counterattack before finishing him with their combined finishers.


"King Joe! Galactron! This is the end mark."

―Kei's pre-transformation announcement

"Fusion Rise: King Joe! Galactron!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Belial: King Galactron!"

―Transformation announcement

After scanning both capsules in real time, Kei presses the trigger of the Riser and transforms into "Ultraman Belial". As the background changes into an eclipse, Kaiju Capsules of King Joe and Galactron appear briefly before "Belial" inhales them, morphing into and creating King Galactron.

Powers and Weapons

  • Heat Ray: King Galactron can fire an energy beam from both of its eyes. It is part of the side attacks in Fusion Fight!.
  • Left Arm Claw: King Galactron's oversized left arm has claws that are colored red, per accents of Ultraman Belial.
    • Rapid Punches: This hand can unleash dozens of punches on an enemy in a matter of seconds.
    • Shield: This hand can also create a defensive barrier.
  • Pedanium Launcher (ペダニウムランチャー Pedaniumu Ranchā?): A ranged weapon equipped on the right half that represents King Joe. Despite sharing its name with the ranged weapons of King Joe Black and King Joe Custom, the official website stated that this variant is a novice type and it magnifies a larger power that is already stored within King Galactron itself.
    • Pedanium Hard Launcher (ペダニウムハードランチャー Pedaniumu Hādo Ranchā?): A powerful energy beam from the Pedanium Launcher. King Galactron first performs a similar stance to King Joe, before aiming the Pedanium Launcher. Said weapon charges its energy before firing a huge beam output that rivals the size of the opponent themselves.
  • Pedanium: King Galactron dons the Pedanium armor, which has the same strength as King Joe's.
  • Strength: King Galactron is strong enough to push back both Geed (Royal Mega-Master) and Zero Beyond at once.


Ultraman Geed



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