King Galtan
Home world: Planet Galagala
First appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 43: "The Female Warrior of Ultra" (1981)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 2 ~ 60 m
Weight: 120 kg ~ 32,000 t
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Galtans
Black King
King Galtan (ガルタン大王, Garutan Daiō?) was the leader of the Alien Galagala that first appeared in the TV series, Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Alien Invader (侵略星人, Shinryaku Seijin?)


  • Height: 2 ~ 60 m
  • Weight: 120 kg ~ 32,000 t
  • Origin: Galagala


Ultraman 80Edit

A Emperor of the alien race known as Galtans tried to invade the Land of Light until the ultras counterattacked and killed the Galtans' (and presumably Emperor Galtan's son) prince. Due to this Emperor Galtan and the Galtans wanted to kill Ultraman 80 and Yullian.

The Emperor sent spaceships to shot down Yullian's ufo. They succeed but not until Yullian was rescued by UGM. After Emi Jouno was given a necklace by Yullian, the Emperor kidnapped her and tortured her mistaking Jouno for Yullian.

Once Takeshi and Yullian made it to the Galtans' base. The Emperor ordered to kill Jouno, the spear's sadly killing Jouno. Takeshi turned into 80 while Emperor Galtan turned giant. They fought until 80 killed Galtan with his Saxim Ray.


  • King Galtan's roar is a modified Black King roar.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Sword: King Galtan is equipped with a large blade that is sharp enough to cut through gigantic boulders with ease which he uses great skills.
    • Energy Beam: Using the sword, he can fire beams of energy. A single beam can make a series of massive explosions.
    • Ground Explosion: The sword can also be stabbed into the ground to surge energy, sending a stream of fire and explosions toward a foe.
  • Size Change: King Galtan can change his size from that of a human’s to that of a giant monster at will.


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