King Joegue
King Joegue
Home world: Planet Guar
First appearance: Andro Melos Episode 22 (1983)
Latest appearance: Andro Melos Episode 41 (1983)
Height: 960 m
Weight: 14.8 million t
Category: Robot
Affiliation: Mold (Pilot)
Roar(s): None
King Joegue (キングジョーグ Kingu Jōgu) is a mecha robot piloted by Mold.

Subtitle: Monster Battleship (怪獣戦艦 Kaijū Senkan)


  • Height: 960 m
  • Weight: 14.8 million t
  • Origin: Unknown


Andro Super Warriors

Created based on King Joe, the Pedanians' fighting robot, King Joegue was piloted by Mold as it joined its "brothers", Bemzn and Gyeronia against the Andro Warriors, dwarfing them in terms of size.

Powers and Weapons

  • Energy Beam: King Joegue can launch energy beams from its arms.


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