"Ultraman King!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Geed: Royal Mega-Master!"

―Transformation announcement


―Activation announcement for Vulcan Sparkle

"Un! Deux!"

―Activation announcement for Swing Sparkle

"Un! Deux! Trois!"

―Activation announcement for Royal End

"Six Ultra Brothers!"

―Activation announcement for Ultra 6 Brothers Capsule

"(Ultra's name)!"

―Activation announcement for any of the Ultra 6 Brothers' Capsules

"Ultra Hero!"

―Activation announcement for any other Ultra Capsule

"Ultra Monster!"

―Activation announcement for any Kaiju Capsule

King Sword
King Sword Render
User(s): Ultraman Geed (Royal Mega-Master)/Riku Asakura
Nature: Lance/Sword/Transformation Item
Powers: Used as a weapon, granting the power of Ultraman King or the power of the six Ultra Brothers
First Appearance: Ultraman Geed
Status: In Use

The King Sword (キングソード Kingu Sōdo?) is Ultraman Geed's weapon, accessed through the use of Royal Mega-Master.


Ultraman Geed

After receving Ultraman King's Ultra Capsule, Riku summoned this sword from scanning Belial and King Ultra Capsules respectively before transforming into his Royal Mega-Master form. As Royal Mega-Master, Geed is able wield this sword in combat with foes.

Powers and Abilities

By inserting the King Capsule or the six Ultra Brothers Capsules on the crossguard sword, Geed can perform specific abilities from each of their Ultra Capsules powers respectively.

Riku's Use

  • Transformation: Riku uses this device to assume his Royal Mega-Master form.

Geed's Use

  • Barrier: The King Sword is capable of acting as a barrier to block attacks.
  • Deflection: Geed is able to deflect enemy attacks this sword.
  • Energy Stream: Geed can release an energy stream from the King Sword.
  • Energy Slash: A gold coloured energy slash from the King Sword.
King Capsule
  • Royal End (ロイヤルエンド Roiyaru Endo?): Activated by scanning the crossguard part via the Riser, and swiping his hand past the scanner thrice, Geed can fire a golden beam from the King Sword. This beam can be charged to full power that is used to destroy the gigantic copy of Pedanium Zetton's evolved form.
  • Swing Sparkle (スウィングスパークル Suwingu Supākuru?): A swinging slash from the King Sword, unleashed after Riku swipes his hand past the scanner twice.
  • Vulcan Sparkle (バルカンスパークル Barukan Supākuru?): After Riku swipes his hand past the scanner once, the King Sword can fire several golden energy darts from a projected Ultra Great Medal.
Ultra 6 Brothers Capsule
  • Brothers Shield (ブラザーズシールド Burazāzu Shīrudo?): Calling upon the power of the Six Ultra Brothers, Geed puts up a barrier. In its outer rings, it has the Ultra Brothers' respective Ultra Signs and M78 text reading "Urutora Roku Kyoudai", which translates to "Ultra 6 Brothers".
Zoffy Capsule
  • 87 Flasher (87エイティセブンフラッシャー Eiti Sebun Furasshā?): Using the power of Zoffy, Geed can release a cyan stream of energy surrounded by yellow electricity from the King Sword.
Ultraman Capsule
  • Specium Flasher (スペシウムフラッシャー Supeshiumu Furasshā?): Using the power of Ultraman, Geed can release a blue electric stream of energy from the King Sword.
Ultraseven Capsule
  • Slugger Spark (スラッガースパーク Suraggā Supāku?): Using the power of Ultraseven, Geed can release a huge slicer made of energy.
Jack Capsule
  • Lance Spark (ランススパーク Ransu Supāku?): Using the power of Ultraman Jack, Geed can release a straight spiral of green energy from the King Sword.
Ace Capsule
  • Vertical Spark (バーチカルスパーク Bāchikaru Supāku?): Using the power of Ultraman Ace, Geed can release a long arc of energy from the King Sword and his left hand.
Taro Capsule
  • Storium Flasher (ストリウムフラッシャー Sutoriumu Furasshā?): Using the power of Ultraman Taro, Geed can release a fire-charged rainbow-colored stream of energy from the King Sword.


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