Knight Brace
Knight Brace
User(s): Ultraman Hikari
Kazuya Serizawa
Ryu Aihara
First Appearance: Ultraman Mebius episode 6 "Two From the Deep Sea" (2006)
Ultraman Hikari Saga Episode 1 (Chronologically)
Status: Still in use

The Knight Brace (ナイトブレス Naito Buresu?) is Ultraman Hikari's transformation item used in Ultraman Mebius.


The creation of Ultraman King, the brace was given to Ultraman Hikari who came searching for the legendary giant for power. Hikari wanted to become stronger to stop the prophecy of Tsurugi which foretold the destruction of Arb, something he wished to stop. Given the Knight Brace, Hikari wielded it as Hunter Knight Tsurugi. After being freed of the armor of vengeance by his resurrection at the hands of Mother of Ultra, Hikari fought with Mebius to protect Earth. In time he left, leaving the brace to Mebius. In his pursuit of Alien Babarue, he returned to Earth after the galactic trickster and Mebius returned the device to him.

How to use

Serizawa draws the blade and sheaths it again and light shines from the stone to transform him. He can also use the blade as a weapon. Hikari can use it as a sword and also combine powers with Mebius.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation: Serizawa, and later Ryu, can transform into Ultraman Hikari with the Knight Brace.
  • Knight Shot: A powerful beam from the powers of the Knight Brace.
  • Knight Blade: A blade from the Knight Brace.
    • Blade Shot: An energy slash from the Knight Blade.
  • Combine: The Knight and Mebius Brace can combine together and form Mebius Phoenix Brave.
  • Form Change Via Knight Brace: When given to Mebius, the Knight Brace can allow Mebius to take on his Brave Mode.
  • Mysterious Powers: The Knight Brace can allow the user to predict things due to being Ultraman King's creation. It was used to allow Ryu to know Mirai is alive.


  • The Knight Brace is themed on a sword scabbard.


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