"Now, unleash the holy power!"

―Knight Timbre's activation announcement.
Knight Timbre

Knight Timber

Victory Knight Timbre sword mode

User(s): Ultraman Victory
Nature: Flute
Powers: Form change
Unleashing darkness-sealing music
Melee Combat in sword mode
First Appearance: Ultra Fight Victory
Status: In use

Knight Timbre (ナイトティンバー Naito Tinbā) is a sword/flute hybrid that is used by Ultraman Victory in Ultra Fight Victory. The Knight Timbre was created by Ultraman Hikari after he was informed of the Juda's revival by Yapool. Hikari gave the Knight Timbre to Victory in hopes that the Victorium Ultra Warrior would seal the villain forever.[1] When not in use, the Knight Timbre took upon the appearance of Hikari's clear blue Spark Doll.


Ultra Fight Victory

When UPG members Shou and Sakuya journeyed home on an off-duty day, they encountered the Choju, Aribunta. Shou transformed into Ultraman Victory but was no match for the Choju until Ultraman Hikari appeared and bestowed him the Knight Timbre, which allowed him to become Ultraman Victory Knight and entrusting him with the duty to help put a stop on the Space Emperor before he revives. With Juda defeated, Hikari left the flute in Shou's possession.

Powers and Abilities

Ultraman Hikari Clear Blue Spark Doll

Ultraman Hikari's Spark Doll, the Knight Timbre's deactivated state.

The Knight Timbre's ability can only be unlocked by Victorians, due to their inner Victorium energy thus making Shou as it's compatible user.

  • Form Change: The Knight Timbre can change Ultraman Victory into Ultraman Victory Knight. This can be done by Shou, whom firstly played the Knight Timbre before he convert it into a sword, later raise it on the mid air. The item unleashes the Victorium power within Shou. The Knight Timbre as well shouts "Now! Unleash the holy power!!" (放て!聖なる力!! Hanate! Seinaru chikara!!).
  • Melody of Victory: The Timbre can play a holy melody which capable of resurrecting Shepardon or seals darkness. Before playing, the Knight Timbre shouts "Play! The melody of victory!!" (奏でろ!勝利のメロディー!! Kanadero! Shōri no merodī!!).
  • Sword Mode: The Timbre can transform into a sword which Victory uses to attack his enemies. To do this, Shou/Victory must pull the body joint.
  • Finisher Attacks: By pulling the body joint, Victory Knight can perform three finisher attacks. All of them are in conjunction to how many times he pulled the body joint.
    • Knight Victorium Flash (ナイトビクトリウムフラッシュ Naito Bikutoriumu Furasshu): By pulling the body joint of Knight Timbre once before returning to sword mode, said weapon's blade part is charge with light blue energy, where Victory Knight jumps and landed in front of the target before he spins while slashing the opponent rapidly, causing it to destroyed in an explosion. During this, the Knight Timbre shouts "One! Knight Victorium Flash!".
    • Knight Victorium Break (ナイトビクトリウムブレイク Naito Bikutoriumu Bureiku): Performed by pulling the body joint twice, the Knight Timbre would be used in conjunction with Shepardon Saber where both swords slash the target. During this, the Knight Timbre shouts "Two! Knight Victorium Break!".
    • Knight Victorium Shoot (ナイトビクトリウムシュート Naito Bikutoriumu Shūto): Performed by pulling the body joint thrice, the Knight Timbre unleashes a powerful energy stream that strong enough to incinerate an opponent. During this, the Knight Timbre shouts "Three! Knight Victorium Shoot!".



  • Voice Actor: Keiichi Nanba
  • The Knight Timbre appears to be the first transformation item, made not for the Ultra but the Ultra host as it was made to unleash the power of Victorium within Shou, allowing for the transformation into Knight form.
    • Because of this fact, even if Hikari were to reclaim the Knight Timbre, the flute would be useless in his grasp since he lacks an inner Victorium.
    • The Knight Timbre as well proves to be a stark contrast to the Victory Lancer: whereas the latter is a firearm transformation device built for Victory, the former is a bladed weapon made for Shou's exclusive use, and is also a form-accessing device.
  • The Knight Timbre can be considered as a Victory-counterpart of Strium Brace, as both were created by Ultraman Mebius' close friends and their purpose is to utilize the powers of their manufacturers.


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