Kolakerf NF-3000
Kolakerf NF-3000
Seats up to: All members of Super GUTS
Max Speed:
Type: Mecha/Base
Affiliation Super GUTS

Kolakerf NF-3000 (クラーコフNF-3000 Kolakurufu NF-3000?) is a mobile base of Super GUTS, used often for outer space missions. It was actively used as a large-scale research mobile base, a laboratory. This vehicle was mobile on land, in the sea, air and space and was armed with the Gyuberun gun.


Ultraman DynaEdit

Sea Mission Edit


Kolakerf flying

Sometime in Antarctica, the mecha itself had been taken over by Spume which proceeded to draw the TPC's artificial sun to Earth. The Vessel was freed by the efforts of Super GUTS.

During Dyna 's final confrontation with Gransphire, Kolakerf NF-3000 was armed with the Neo-Maxima Cannon where it fired the laser after Dyna cleared the path to allow it to target Gransphere.

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