Kotaro Higashi
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman
First appearance: ULTRAMAN Volume 8
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances TBA
Type: TBA
Family Unknown
Affiliation Dave (Friend)
Portrayed by N/A

Kotaro Higashi is a Japanese reporter investigating an alien sighting in America.


Kotaro was a reporter from Japan with an interest in revealing the truth, no matter the cost. He travelled to America to investigate a bank robbery perpetrated by a pair cloaked beings with glowing eyes. When his colleague Dave pointed out the pointlessness of it, Kotaro went on his own way.

The reporter later came across an odd exchange in an alleyway, where two men appeared to be arguing. One fled when Kotaro discovered a mysterious vial, while the second man's eye's began to glow and he punched through Kotaro's stomach before fleeing. However, the reporter miraculously survived the assault and lay on the street cheering.



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