Kurata Manga
Gender: Male
Age: 20/30+Years
Home world: Earth (ULTRAMAN Manga Universe)
Series: ULTRAMAN 2011 Manga
First appearance: ULTRAMAN chapter 8
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Ally
Family Unknown
Affiliation Police
Portrayed by Manga Character

Kurata (倉田) is the younger partner to detective Endo.


Ultraman (2011 Manga)

Endo's younger partner and subordinate, he was assisting the older detective in the serial killings and was there was when he was called of by the SSSP. Later on, he was driving Endo, presumably home, when they happened upon a traffic accident. Endo was about to go and help but Kurata held him back, the truck could explode at any minute. When Shinjiro arrived in his Ultraman Suit the pair, Kurata thought it was some form of cosplay, but was surprised at the young man's speed, strength and jumping ability. When Shinjiro saved the bus driver the two were quick to question him but the young man suddenly left. Kurata wondered aloud if that was an Ultraman only to have Endo denounce the boy as such.

Kurata later followed Endo back to the seen of a crime they had been called of, they found no clues except that the victim was a Rena fan. Outside they found themselves chasing after a little boy, only to discover what the SSSP was hiding, there were aliens on Earth.

Kurata later showed frustration with his partner for keeping him out of the loop during his investigation in the serial killings. Kurata later accompanied Endo on the way to another crime scene when they ran into Be Mular. After the alien left Kurata asked his partner what the alien meant only to be surprised to find the older man crying.

Kurata later went with Endo to an abandoned apartment to set a trap for the serial killer. It was here that he learned of Endo and Rena's connection in a humorous scene. While the two had expected the small four eyed alien, instead they were greeted by Alien Bris who was immune to their pistols. The two were saved by an unseen assistant who force the alien out of the apartment and began to fight him.


  • Kurata's facial design greatly resembles Levi Ackerman from manga/anime Attack on Titan.

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