Home world: TBA
First appearance: Captain Ultra Episode 18: "Ghost Monster Kyudora Appears" (1967)
Latest appearance: Captain Ultra Episode 23: "Beat it Monster Army!" (1967)
Height: 80 m
Weight: 12,000 t
Category: Kaiju
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Kyudora (キュドラ Kyudora) is a kaiju that first appeared in episode 18 of Captain Ultra.

  • Subtitle: Ghost Monster (ゆうれい怪獣 Yūrei Kaijū)


First Appearance

After being awoken by a fallen ship, Kyudora makes his way to the surface of the episode's planet. He then proceeds to follow Captain Ultra and his party to a series of fallen spaceships. There, he releases its Clone Kyudora to hunt them down. The clone took on several crash victims' bodies, but after being revealed, it retreated back to its controller. In a last attempt to stop the crew, Kyudora tried to reel them in, but this failed and the crew escaped.

Second Appearance

It along with many other monsters came back to defeat the Captain Ultra base.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Capture Ropes: Kyudora can release binding ropes of energy from his forehead.
  • Clone Kyudora (分身キュドラ Bunshin Kyudora): A human-sized version of himself.
    • Dead Body Inhabitance: Clone Kyudora can merge with dead bodies and control them from within. When inhabiting a body, he is immune to attack. However, his reflection reveals his position. Should an attack hit this reflection and rebound onto the host body, Clone Kyudora will lose his connection with the body and he will be revealed.


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