Home world: Planet Earth
First appearance: Ultra Q episode 12: "I Saw a Bird"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 7 cm ~ 50 m
Weight: 300 kg ~ 15,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Larugeus (ラルゲユウス, Rarugeyuusu?) are critically endangered carnivores giant birds that first appeared in Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Ancient Mysterious Bird (古代怪鳥, Kodai kaichō?)


  • Height: 7 cm ~ 50 m
  • Weight: 300 kg ~ 15,000 t
  • Wingspan: 100 m
  • Origin: The third Ice Age of Earth


Ultra Q

Larugeus was a critically endangered, carnivorous prehistoric species of bird that have the ability to grow to a ginormous size. They go so far to even eat a whole zoo. One of its members attacked a local zoo as well as eat some of their livestock. The zoo keeper was mortally wounded by the attack, and simply said that he “saw a bird” in his dying breath. Later, the townspeople come to find a large, possibly ancient ship among their seas.

Once in the boat, they found Larugeus in his finch form and tried to take him back to the village. The bird attacked and their ship started to break apart, and Larugeus escaped. A little boy named Saburo then found the bird and took him in as a pet. But once Larugeus started to prey on the villages chickens, the villagers took it away from the boy and trapped it in a cage. In anger, Larugeus grew to an gigantic size, escaped from the cage and flew away, as Saburo waved goodbye to him.


  • Larugeus' prop is actually just a defeathered and descaled Litra prop, which in turn was a miniature Rodan from 1964's Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster.
    • After it was used for Larugeus, it was sent back to Toho where its head was defeathered and used to make The Giant Condor for Godzilla vs The Sea Monster
  • During the bird's "attack" on the city, stock footage of the the 1956 film Rodan was used.
  • Larugeus is one of the monsters that doesn't make up Beryudora's body in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.
  • Larugeus model

    Bat wings.

    In some models and even artworks, Larugeus is portrayed with bat like wings.
  • In episode 1 of Ultraman Orb, Larugeus' shadow was used to depict a photography of Maga-Basser by a civilian. This is a part of the easter egg of the series in tributes to the 50th anniversary of the Ultra Series.

Powers and Weapons

  • Tiny Bird: When not hungry or enraged, Larugeus can take on the form of a tiny, everyday java finch.
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