Leaving My Home Planet Earth
Return of Ultraman, Episode 25
Air date 9/24/1971
Screenplay by Shin'ichi Ichikawa
Directed by Yoshiharu Tomita
Special skill director Jun Ooki
Viewer Ratings 21.4%
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Horror! Mansion Monster's Birth
Mystery! Homicide Beetle Incident

Leaving My Home Planet Earth (ふるさと地球を去る Furusato chikyū o saru) is the 25th episode of Return of Ultraman.




Guest Stars

  • Susumu (進 Susumu): Yoshiyuki Fujie (藤江喜幸 Fujie Yoshiyuki)
  • Police Chief (警察署長 Keisatsu Shochō) Fumito Matsuo (松尾文人 Matsuo Fumito)
  • Construction Engineer (建築技師 Kenchiku Gishi): Shigeru Tsuji (辻しげる Tsuji Shigeru)
  • MAT Geological Survey Team Leader (MAT地質調査班長 Matto Chishitsu Chōsa Hanchō): Koda Munemaru (幸田宗丸 Munemaru Kōda)

Suit Actors




DVD Releases

  • Return of Ultraman Volume 7 features episodes 25-28.

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