Line the Barbarian

Cover of the first volume of the DVD release.

  • Line is a giant alien hero very similar to Ultraman , though he is not a Tsuburaya creation. 
  • The monsters in the series are meant as tributes to various Ultra Kaiju.
  • The suit of the hero is silver, blue, and black in color.
  • The Series has a total of 13 episodes, with the digitally remastered version having 12. 
  • Created by Yutaka Arai, which is an alias of Shoryu Yamada.
  • Line has two forms, one of which looks like the traditional Ultraman suit and another, extra muscular form named "Barbarian Mode". 
    SFX Giant legend line02:00

    SFX Giant legend line

  • Unlike the heroes in the Ultra Series, Line does not have a mouth. 
  • Line does not have a color timer either, so there is no time limit for his fights. 
  • The defense force of the series is called SAM, which stands for Special Arms Member

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