Liquid Monster
Home world: Planet Earth (Joneus Universe)
First appearance: The☆Ultraman episode 11 "The Challenge of The Science Garrison."
Latest appearance: None
Height: Indeterminable
Weight: Indeterminable
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Hectore (host)

Liquid Monster (液体怪獣, Ekitai Kaijū?) is the living slime that appears in the TV series The☆Ultraman episode 11.

Subtitle: None


  • Height: Indeterminable



Deep within the Himalayan mountains, a purple fluid began to fall from the roof of a cave system. The fluid entered Hectore, a gigantic bulldozer-like super-construction vehicle that could plow through an entire mountain in less than a day! The fluid turned the pinnacle of man’s construction equipment into a rampaging behemoth, but the Science Garrison quickly got involved. During a quest inside the cave system, the team’s robotic Pigu was infected, but a quick fight with their little friend resulted in the liquid monster being burned. When the battle between Jonias and Hectore raged, the Garrison blasted the vehicle with intense amounts of fire, forcing the Liquid Organism out where Jonias finished it off with a blast of his Planium Ray.


  • Liquid Monster is the only monster in "The Ultraman" who don't have a real name.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Mechanical Takeover: The Liquid Organism is able to take control of any machine, allowing it to manipulate its movement and turn normal vehicles into rampaging monstrosities.
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