MAC (Monster Attacking Crew)
Uleo M.A
Members: Dan Moroboshi
Akio Kuroda
Atsushi Hirayama
Daisuke Satoh
Gen Ohtori
Kiyohiko Akashi
Ichiro Aoshima
Junko Shirakawa
Momoi Haruko
Officer Suzuki
Ippei Kajita
Jun Shirato
Matsuki Haruko
Saburo Sato (honorary)
Affiliations: TDF/UN
Designations: To protect the Earth and its people from alien and monster threats and to investigate any paranormal incidents.
First appearance: Ultraman Leo Episode 1
Latest appearance: Ultraman Leo Episode 40

MAC (short for Monster Attacking Crew) was a fictional defense force formed by Captain Dan Moroboshi in Ultraman Leo.

Team Members

MAC logo

MAC Emblem

The M.A.C is one of the most radically different Ultra support teams. As mentioned above, the captain is Dan Moroboshi, who is Ultraseven deprived of his ability to transform. MAC also has a flowing membership. Members get killed off and replaced with frightening rapidity. To top it all off, MAC gets annihilated mid-series (Episode 40). There are (were) bases in orbit above North and South America, Africa, Northern Europe, and Japan. This is in addition to numerous land-based bases as well.


Normal Members

Member Saburo

Main article: Saburo Sato
  • Full name: Saburo Sato
  • Age: Unknown
  • Satus: Alive

He is a traveller and honorary MAC member. Saburo was given a temporary membership in MAC as he was needed to stop Bango. After Leo defeated Bango, Saburo bids farewell to everyone and departed to Himalayas to search for a Yeti.



  • Wear: MAC uniforms have high durability and resistance to the heat and the cold. Despite this they can become weathered from battle.
  • Helmet: Has a built in communications system
  • Wristwatch Communicator (Name Unknown): A communicator device mounted in the form of a wrist watch. It is worn by off-duty personnel for immediate contact.
MAC Wear

M.A.C standard uniform



  • MAC is the only defense force to have every member (aside from Dan & Gen) killed.
    • Saburo Sato was also the third member of MAC not killed. However, he just a honorary member.
  • MAC is the first attack team that was founded by an Ultra.
  • MAC's uniform was a modified ZAT uniform.
  • MAC was supposed found by a normal human named Tetsutaro Kawakami instead of Ultraseven's human form Dan Moroboshi (this character also was supposed portrayed by Kohji Moritsugu). However, Kohji refused as the people would mistake him for Dan.
  • In episode 14 of Ultraman Leo, it is mentioned by Kuroda that 8 other MAC members were killed by Antales.
  • In episode 22, it is mentioned by the communications department of MAC that 3 other MAC members were killed by Garron while another 16 were wounded and not only did the attack team suffered many casualties, it was also nearly destroyed by Garron and Littre after losing so many members.
  • The car manufacturing company Honda, designed the vehicles of MAC.

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