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Mahito Tsujimura
Mahito Tsujimura
Born: April 14, 1930 in Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Actor
Voice actor
Years active: 1947 - now

Mahito Tsujimura (辻村 真人 Tsujimura Mahito?) is a voice actor affiliated to 81 Produce.


Other rolesEdit

  • Armored Trooper Votoms: Big Battle - Voice of Dr. Garuman Thomas
  • Hades Project Zeorymer - Voice of Lurahn
  • Nintama Rantaro - Voice of Headmaster
  • Midoriyama Kōkō Kōshien-hen - Voice of Director Okada
  • Matchless Raijin-Oh - Voice of Taida
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! - Voice of Konoemon Konoe
  • Sindbad the Sailor - Voice of Aladdin
  • Zukkoke Sanningumi Kusunoki Yashiki no Guruguru-sama - Voice of Kentaro Takuwa-sensei
  • Mobile Police Patlabor - Voice of Jitsuyama
  • Pasocon Travel Tanteidan - Narrator

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