Home world: Planet Earth (Great Universe)
First appearance: Ultraman: Towards the Future Episode 8 "Formless Revenge"
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Height: 78 m
Weight: 75,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
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Majaba (マジャバ, Majaba?) is a mutant kaiju that first appeared in Ultraman: Towards the Future episode 8.

Subtitle: Insect Monster (昆虫怪獣, Konchū Kaijū?)


  • Height: 78 m
  • Weight: 75,000 t
  • Origin: Johnson farm


Ultraman: Towards the FutureEdit

Born from chemical misuse, Majaba was first sighted by two men by the names of Johnson and Sandman illegally dumping toxic chemicals in drums as the mantis kaiju attacked a pesticide plan due to the recent drought in the area. Majaba's irregular flight patterns caught the attention of UMA and were quickly investigated. It did not take long for UMA to find giant locusts and connect them with the sighting Sandman had secretly told them using a drawing of Majaba. As Jack Shindo and Kim went to Johnson's farm to find a connection, UMA spotted a swarm of over sized locusts appeared out of nowhere. Between finding out that the locusts are carnivorous and Johnson shooting at Jack and Kim with his shotgun, the situation seemed unsure for UMA's fate.

Johnson left Sandman with his shotgun as he made a run for it in his truck, leaving his partner to face UMA and the locusts. UMA managed to escape the scene just as Majaba showed up to feed on the toxic chemicals inside the barn. However, Majaba quickly followed UMA and if the situation did not seem bad enough Majaba's mate showed up to assist him only for Lloyd to shoot her down. Majaba fled to his nest where UMA soon followed to finish him off. UMA led Majaba away from its nest long enough for Sandman to use an ax to destroy an egg, angering the mantis kaiju greatly. With the situation turning more hectic, Jack turned into Ultraman Great. At first the battle seemed to be in favor of Majabas, but after Great used the Great Slicer to cut off one of his arms, he used the Star Beam to destroy the nest. When Majabas tried to save his eggs, Charles released a special gooey chemical that killed the mantis kaiju. Great vaporized what was left of Majabas using the Energy Blast to prevent further contamination.


Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Poison Gas: Majaba can emit a poisonous yellow gas from his mouth.
  • Clawed Arms: Majaba has four mantis-like clawed arms that are ideal for slashing and pinning opponents.
  • Flight: Majaba can fly through the air at high speeds.
  • Toxic Consumption: Majaba can consume large quantities of toxic chemicals without any negative side effects.



Toy Release InformationEdit

Majaba figures

Majaba 1996(left) Majaba DreamWorks version 1990(right)

Majaba was released in the Ultra Monster Series in 1996 and is number 77, also Majaba was released by DreamWorks in 1990. The bandai figure has 8 points of articulation and is 6in tall and has an accurate design. The DreamWorks version however is 8in tall and sports more colors like blue and red and the arms are harder to move. Both are still very cool figures


Majaba Roar00:17

Majaba Roar

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