Malebrandes is the name of the large spaceship where Ultraman Belial and the Belial Galactic Empire stationed themselves and utilizes during their invasion of Another Universe during the events of Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire. This spaceship is presumbably created by Belial using the minerals absorbed from Planet Esmeralda.

Subtitle: Imperial Capital Fortress (帝都要塞 Teito Yōsai)


Belial created this large spaceship for his armies and his main operations and goals. Belial was seen in the spaceship, sitting on a throne when Ultraman Zero's human host was captured. The climax of the movie took place at this location. It was destroyed by Ultraman Zero's Zero Ultimate Sword when he defeated Arch Belial and his forces.


  • Esmeralda Storage: This part is where the Esmeralda minerals are stored after Belial and his armies harvested them from Planst Esmeralda. Belial later transformed into Arch Belial by absorbing all the minerals stored here.
  • Army Creation: Using the minerals, Belial create his armies and stations around the spaceship here. They are usually stationed around the spaceships.
  • Main Headquarters: Located inside the spaceship, Belial carries out his operations and observe events here.
  • Transportation: Another function of the said spaceship, it is able to transport armies of the Belial Galactic Empire (ie. Delusts and Darklops) to another universe.



Most of them except for Belial was destroyed after the ship's destruction by Ultimate Zero's sword and Arch Belial's destruction, the remains of the Belial Galactic Empire fleed while Belial's soul is being casted to the Monster Graveyard sometime later.



  • This is the first spaceship which has a name and the first named spaceship to be created by an Ultra being. In Ultraman Jonias' animated series, Ultras were shown using space ships.
  • The sharp edges of this spaceship represent Belial's Kaiser Belial Claws, while the general shape resembles his hand.
  • The ship's appearance is very similar to that of the Big Gete Star from Cooler's Revenge.
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