Masashi Ebara
Masashi Ebara
Born: May 4, 1953, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Occupation: Actor, voice actor, narrator
Years active: 1970–present

Masashi Ebara (江原 正士 Ebara Masashi?) (real name Masashi Ehara (江原 正士 Ehara Masashi?)) is a voice actor affiliated to 81 Produce.


Other roles

  • Initial D series - voice of Jōshima Toshiya
  • Naruto - voice of Might Guy
  • Eat-Man - voice of Bolt Crank
  • Shakugan no Shana - voice of Alastor the Flame of Heavens
  • Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! - voice of Doctor Tsuchiya
  • Buso Renkin - voice of Captain Bravo
  • The Transformers - voice of Ratchet
  • Final Fantasy XIII - voice of Sazh Katzroy
  • Nisekoi - voice of Adlet Wogner Kirisaki
  • Astro Boy - voice of Archer
  • One Piece - voice of Raizo
  • Yu Yu Hakusho - voice of Yomi

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