Max Ship
Length: 230 m (Estimated)
Weight: N/a
Width: N/a
Seats up to: Unidentified
Max Speed: N/a
Type: Warship
Affiliation Ultra Garrison

Max (マックス Makkusu) was a battleship that appeared only in Ultraseven episode 4.



After disappearing cases of nuclear powered ships lately, TDF and its branches Ultra Garrison created a nuclear powered ship. Sending along Ultra Garrison members Amagi and Soga, they went to the area where the ship disappeared only to be attracted to space. There Alien Godola revealed that this was actually a part of his race's evil plan to conquer Earth by destroying it's defense forces. After Furuhashi entered the ship via Ultra Hawk No.2, an Alien Godola took his place and masquerade him by stealing the said jet and to Earth to bomb the Ultra Garrison's base. But their plan would soon be foiled by Ultraseven, whom killed the Godolas on Earth after being informed by Amagi (he managed to escape Max via an escape rocket) and later used their bomb to destroy Max battleship that populated by several Alien Godola while rescuing remaining passengers.


  • Since Max was mentioned to have airtight state, it was also presumed to had functioned like a submarine.