Home world: Space
First appearance: Mirrorman Episode 29
Latest appearance: Mirrorman Episode 37
Height: 55 m (Original), 53 m (β)
Weight: 50,000 t (Original), 48 000 t(β)
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Affiliation: Gorgosaurus
The Invaders
Roar(s): TBA

Mayasaurus (マヤザウルス Mayazaurusu?) was a kaiju partner to Gorgosaurus that appeared in the series, Mirrorman

Subtitle: Huge Star Beast (巨大星獣 Kyodai Seijū?)



Mayasaurus appeared in episodes 29 and 30 of Mirrorman Mayasaurus was sent to Earth by The Invaders together with his brother, Gorgosaurus to carry out the Jumbo Phoenix Destruction strategy. Mirrorman appeared to fight them and killed Gorgosaurus. Mayasaurus attacked Mirrorman with his radiation fog not found on earth, forcing him to retreat.

Mayasaurus later returned and Mirrorman arrived once more to fight him, decapitating him with the Mirror Kick.


Mayazaurus Beta

Mayasaurus Beta

Mayasaurus β appeared in episode 36 and 37 of Mirrorman.

He appeared after Mirrorman had killed Gorgosaurus β and Pair-Mons King β. He managed to defeat Mirrorman and placed him in a rocket, sending him towards the sun. Luckily, Andro Zaurus and Andro Zaurus Jr. appeared to saving Mirrorman. Mirrorman then killed Mayasaurus β with the Silver Cross.




  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Radioactive Fog: Mayasaurus can breathe radioactive fog out of its mouth.

Mayasaurus β
Mayasaur Beta

Mayasaurus β

  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 48 000 t

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Radioactive Fog: Mayasaurus can breathe radioactive fog containing the substance Strontium 41 out of its mouth.
  • Flight: Mayasaurus has the ability to fly


  • The head of the Mayasaurus suit is very similar to the Red King head.
  • Unlike his co-star, Gorgosaurus, he did not appear in an Ultraman series.


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