Ultraman Galaxy
Developer(s): Animoca XL
Publisher(s): Tsuburaya Productions
Release date: November 20, 2013
Genre: Puzzle role-playing game
Game modes: 1-player
Ratings: A (All ages) (In accordance to Japan's CERO)
Platform(s): Android
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Tsuburaya announced a new puzzle role-playing game for mobile devices, Ultraman Galaxy. Featuring the battle between the Beings of Light and the forces of Ultraman Belial, this social card game features over 400 cards that you can upgrade!


The game have over 100 missions that you can play alone, or with your friends from Facebook. Here are more features of the Ultraman Galaxy mobile game:

  • Awesome and addicting RPG-Puzzle game hybrid
  • Choose and assemble your very own Ultraman Team
  • Engage in an epic battle with familiar villains from the Ultraman Series
  • Unique puzzle – slot machine combat mechanics
  • Gem combos will determine the amount of damage that you’ll deal!
  • Over 400+ Ultraman themed cards to collect and upgrade!
  • Upgrade and Ultra Morph your cards for total puzzle domination!
  • Play through over 100+ missions and Special events
  • Invite friends to play with you through Facebook or by User ID

The game currently have an limited Asian release (only available within certain countries), and will soon be released in North America! [1]


Google Play Ultraman Galaxy00:35

Google Play Ultraman Galaxy

Ultraman Galaxy Tallier

The game is a slot machine-style game, with players choosing their team of cards. When the cards are selected, they can be upgraded and sold. In "battle", the player eith uses auto, which plays for you, or manual. There are four elements, fire (red), water (blue), earth (brown) and nature (green). Each has its own strength and weakness, and each card can come in any of the four elements.

Starter PacksEdit

Starter packs can be bought for $2.99 USD, each containing an ultra rare card (UR)and(R) and two uncommons (UC). The Fire Starter Pack includes Ultraman Hikari, Ultraman Chuck and Antlar. The Earth Starter Pack includes Ultraseven 21, Ultraman Scott and Sadora. The Water Starter Pack includes Ultraman, Ultraman Chuck and Agira. The Nature Starter Pack includes Ultraman Zero Techtor Gear, Ultraman Scott and Birdon.

Normal Missons LevelsEdit

  • The Light Reunion
  • Agira's Invasion
  • Alien Nackle's Assasination I
    • The Alpines
    • The Mysterious Ruins
    • Alien Nackle's Assasination I
  • Alien Nackle's Assasination II
    • Plains of Peace
    • King of the Universe
    • Alien Nackle's Assasination II
  • Agira's Return
    • The Flaming Galaxy
    • The Charring Alpines
    • Agira's Return
  • The Reunion
    • The Naval Coast
    • The Cosmic Light
    • The Reunion
  • Battle of the Dawning Sun
    • The Rocky Cavern
    • The Great Plains
    • Battle of the Dawning Sun
  • Rise of the Light
    • Valley of Forest
    • The Green Highland
    • Rise of the Light
  • The Evil Giant
    • The Charted Ruins
    • The Frozen Volcano
    • Deep Water Volcano
    • The Evil Giant
  • The Rampage Foe
    • The Grant Universe
    • The Blooming Plains
    • Great Plains Festival
    • The Rampage Foe
  • Attack of the Volcanic Bird
    • The Barren Coast
    • The Wasteland
    • The Vast Universe
    • Attack of the Volcanic Bird
  • Revenge of the Volcanic Bird
    • The Charred Wasteland
    • The Rupture
    • The Burning Plain
    • Revenge of the Volcanic Bird
  • Return of the Vicious Beast
    • The Peaceful Land
    • Valley of Peace
    • The Calm Coast
    • Return of the Vicious Beast
  • Taro's defeat!
    • The Deserted Plain
    • The Scorching Cavern
    • The Deserted Seacoast
    • Taro's defeat!
  • Battle of Honor
    • The Peaceful Valley
    • The Hill of Calamity
    • The Wreckage
    • Battle of Honor
  • Jashrine's Revenge
    • Heat of Ocean
    • Under Water Battle
    • Lnad of Peace
    • Jashrine's Revenge
  • The Smokey Path
    • Planetary War
    • Cliff of Despair
    • The Quiet Cave
    • Birdon Returns!
    • The Smokey Path
  • Desert of Sands
    • The Flaming Canyon
    • The Gulf of Heat
    • An Infernal World
    • Mebius' Down!
    • Desert of Sands
  • Land of Terror
    • The Serenity
    • The Submerged Lnad
    • The Immersed Ruins
    • Avenging Arstron
    • Land of Terror
  • Charring Valley
    • The Scorching Land
    • The Blazing Plains
    • The Ancient Relics
    • The Persistant Birdon
    • Charring Valley
  • Xenon's Threat
    • The Peaceful Universe
    • The Restless Cavern
    • The Forgotten Strand
    • The Quietness Peak
    • Xenon's Warning
  • Menance Returns
    • Deep Sea Encounter
    • Vapor of the Universe
    • The Smokey Coast
    • The Plains of Fog
    • Menance Returns
  • Maritime Disturbance
    • The Land of Disturbance
    • The Ancient Debris
    • The Volcanic Storm
    • The Gust of Wind
    • Maritime Disturbance
  • Attack of Maglla
    • Cry of the Deep Sea
    • The Howling Plains
    • The Whispering Cosmo
    • The Roaring Volcano
    • Attack of Maglla
  • Tropical Warfare
    • The Plains of Turmoil
    • The Maritime Storm
    • The Den of Darkness
    • Maglla's Return
    • Tropical Warfare
  • Island of the East
    • The Coastal Intrusion
    • Defence of the Valley
    • Plains of Despair
    • Xenon's Training
    • Island of the East
  • The Land of Peace
    • The Enemy of Disguise
    • The Illusional Foe
    • The Armored Adversary
    • Attack on the Forest
    • The Land of Peace
  • The Burning Forest
    • The Acidic Ocean
    • The Deception
    • The Smokey Plains
    • Threat beneath the ground
    • The Burning Forest
  • The Cleansing of the Earth
    • The Transparent Contender
    • The Ancient Predator
    • The Coastal Disturbance
    • The Light Wave Alien
    • The Cleansing of the Earth
  • Winter Chill
    • The Illusionist
    • The One Eyed Foe
    • The Insane Menace
    • The Giant Fish Monster
    • Winter Chill
  • The Colosseum
    • The Terrifying Beast
    • Ruin's Guardian
    • Volcanic Destruction
    • Threat from the Ocean
    • The Revolution
  • The Slimy Amphibian
    • The Clash of Titans
    • The Hollow Terran
    • The Striking Land
    • Eyes on You
    • Maritime Disturbance
  • Earth's Defender
    • The Dark Cavern
    • Misty Land
    • Super Ancient Monster! Fire Golza!
    • Departing Day
    • Earth's Defender
  • The Mountain of Sky
    • The Smokey Water
    • The Nebula
    • The Slimy Amphibian
    • The King of Fighter
    • The Mountain of Sky
  • Evil Menance
    • The Hazing Coast
    • The Misty Valley
    • Light of Evil
    • An Empty Voice
    • Evil Menance
  • Chaos is Imminent
    • Eerie Ruins
    • Unnerving Land
    • The Glaring Battle
    • Clouds of Despair
    • Chaos is Imminent

Event Mission LevelsEdit

Emblem EventsEdit


Monster EventsEdit


There are over 400 cards to collect in one of the levels in the game as well as Ultras, Aliens and Monster by drawing a card with a high or rare chance of getting them.


  • C = Common
  • C+ = Common+ (when morphed)
  • UC = Uncommon
  • UC+ = Uncommon+ (when morphed)
  • R = Rare
  • R+ = Rare+ (when morphed)
  • UR = Ultra Rare
  • UR+ = Ultra Rare+ (when morphed)
  • UR++ = Ultra Rare++ (when morphed)


Evil and Imitation UltrasEdit

Non UltrasEdit




  • The name of this game is ironic, as 'Ginga' (ギンガ?) is the Japanese word for 'Galaxy', thus Ultraman Galaxy is the English translation of Ultraman Ginga.
  • There are several spelling errors, such as "in used" and "crimson vally".
  • The rarity ranks are: common (C), uncommon (UC), rare (R) and ultra rare (UR).

 Special Card's ATK,HP,DEFEdit

 Ultraman Ken(Fire)  HP 39990 ATK 4180 Heal 300 DEF 3000 Edit

Mother of Ultra( Fire) HP 1444 ATK 555 Heal 715 DEF 768

Ulraman Belial(Fire) HP 3066 ATK 991 Heal 1415 DEF 1415

Evil Father of Ultra(nature) HP 20687 ATK 2068 Heal 2313 DEF 1645

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