Messengers of Murder, Dekon and Bokon
Fireman, Episode 21
Double Godo
Air date 05/29/1973
Screenplay by Fumito Imamura
Directed by Hiromi Higuchi
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The Gagango Monster's Storm
It has Arrived!! The Transformed Alien

Messengers of Murder, Dekon and Bokon (殺しの使者デコンとボコン, Koroshi no shisya Dekon to Bokon) is the 21st episode of Fireman.


Double-headed monster double got that appeared in the Tokyo suburbs, monster two people Bokon alien came radio nebula, from the third planet, and deconstructivism coalesce by the coupling device, to transform. Two people who have lost the device in response to the kick of Fireman looks the whereabouts in a hurry, but the device had been picked up by Captain Saburo boys soccer team. Saburo would be withdrawn in the wrong desk calculator with a computer inside.





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