As a result of the alien immigrants to Earth, there have been new forms of technology introduced, among them are the mimicry systems. Unlike is prior series, the act of alien mimicking human form is shown not to be a natural ability (at least for the alien that have appeared) and thus there are multiple ways of mimicking human form.

Types of Systems

  • Drugs: Shown used by Alien Igaru, and Red, this method is contained in capsules, that inject chemicals into the user's body. This system is highly incomplete and instead of actually mimicking another life form (in this case humans) it makes the user smaller and more human like in anatomy. This is most likely for aliens with larger bodies (Red's true form is a 10 m/ 30 feet tall version of a Red King and just as prone to violence, while the normally small Alien Igaru is really much larger and stronger than a human) and the transformation can be undone at a moment's notice via another capsule. In this way this system appears to be more of a suppressant, allowing for safer interaction with other life forms.
    • The purpose of these drugs is for residents with larger bodies, as the 'City' has limited space. Thus all members with bodies past a certain limit are required to take them.
  • Wristwatch: The more technological method, it appears as a sort of wristwatch, which creates a perfect disguise for the user, making them appear completely human. It has been used by Ed, Agent Adad, and Red. The method doesn't seem to care for body proportions, as Ed's massive head became a human and Red became a human child. However features of the user may still appear in their disguise (Red's human form had a hair style that resembled his head, his sharp teeth, and a eye patch) it also doesn't seem to limit their strength as Red was shown kicking Shinjiro, and hurting him.
    • Rings: Used by Seiji Hokuto, to appear in his normal clothes while wearing his Ultraman Suit, and Shinjiro Hayata, to appear as if he was wearing it.
    • Bracer: Ace Killer had a similar system integrated in his armor.
  • Suit: Seen only with Alien Adacic, he wore a suit, that made his body appear human, but which when torn, revealed his true alien body.

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