Ultraman Max
Ultraman Max, Episode 15
Max episode 15
Air date 10/08/2005

03/08/2017 (USA)

Screenplay by Masaru Nakamura
Directed by Takashi Miike
Special skill director Takashi Miike
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Miracle of the Third Planet is the fifteenth episode of Ultraman Max.


From a harmless blob is released a kaiju like no other: one that hurls back what it attacked with as a new power. Max is no match, but a little girl may hold the key to the earth's safety.


A girl named Akko loses her eyesight, but because she can no longer draw she begins playing the piccolo. Because her parents died, Mizuki helped care for her, and wanted to attend her upcoming concert.

Kaito and Muziki investigate an object from space. They merely discover a dome-shaped white mound, and Elly cannot decipher what it is. Koba and Sean are ordered to incinerate it, and launch missile at it. The thing transforms, and fires missiles back! Legs and a face appear, and IFbegins its rampage. Elly deduces that IF imitates: they flung fire, it shot fire, they shot missiles, and it responded with missiles. Whatever DASH throws at it it reproduces.

The monster begins to move towards the recital hall where Akko will have her concert. Mizuki is determined to keep the kaiju from it, and distracts it. She is about to be destroyed when Kaito transforms and engages IF.

IF reproduces whatever Max does: gaining a human form, with his beam technique. Max is forced to escape, and nothing can seem to stop the being. It attacks the recital hall, and moves onto the city, wrecking everything in its path. Akko is caught in the destruction, and flees from her room into the ruins of the city.

She picks her way through the debris unseeingly, as Mizuki searches for her. She follows the sounds of IF, who has stopped in its rampage to rest. She walks to the sleeping being in the ruins of the recital hall, and plays her piccolo for it. It wakes up, as Kaito and Mizuki, from a distance, rush up, attracted by the sound of the music.

Then IF undergoes an amazing change: piccolos appear from it, and it joins Akko in the music. The two play together, and Mizuki brings Akko into the car, still playing. Max carries the two to space, and IF follows. The sun rises over earth as the episode ends.


To be added.




  • IF (First and only appearance)


  • IF is one of the few kaiju to beat an Ultra and live.
    • IF was also one of the indestructible monsters in the Ultra Series.
  • The song that Akko and IF play is Étude No. 3 by Frédéric Chopin.
  • This episode was later featured in Ultraman Retsuden Episode 29: The Perfect Lifeform! If vs. Max!!
  • The episode was premiered in American television on TOKU on March 8, 2017

DVD Release

Ultraman Max Volume 5 features episodes 15-18.

  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.

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