Zhu Kirai
Mirror Demons
Home world: Hidden World
First appearance: Mirrorman Reflex
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Height: Human like
Weight: Human Like
Category: Evil Warriors (Ja Sen)
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The Mirror Demons were the weakest known form of Jasen (Evil Warriors), compared to the likes of ShiyuKyuki and Reiki they were cannon fodder.


  • Height: Human Like
  • Weight: Human Like
  • Origin: The Hidden World


  • Blade Fingers: These creatures have blades in place of fingers
  • Stealth: They are very good at moving undetected.
  • Agility: They are very agile, some have climbed walls and columns very easily.


MirrorMan REFLEX:Edit


Mirrorman REFLEX
Kaiju & Kaijin

Mirror Demons | Shiyu | Kyuki | Reiki

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