Zhu Kirai
Mirror Demons
Home world: Hidden World
First appearance: Mirrorman Reflex
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Height: Human like
Weight: Human Like
Category: Evil Warriors (Ja Sen)
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The Mirror Demons were the weakest known form of Jasen (Evil Warriors), compared to the likes of ShiyuKyuki and Reiki they were cannon fodder.


  • Height: Human Like
  • Weight: Human Like
  • Origin: The Hidden World


  • Blade Fingers: These creatures have blades in place of fingers
  • Stealth: They are very good at moving undetected.
  • Agility: They are very agile, some have climbed walls and columns very easily.


Fiends that escaped the Mirror World, these demonic creatures stalked the streets at night. They stalked a lone man with the intent of ripping him to pieces, but the villains didn’t count on the pair of Akira Kageyama and Momoso following them! Before they could kill the innocent, Momoso helped her uncle transform into Mirror Man! With just his blades, the hero charged forward, ripping the weapon through the demons’ bodies! The creatures screamed in anguish as their bodies were engulfed in blue flame and they were sent back to the darkness that had spawned them. More of these vile creatures were unleashed on Kageyama to distract the hero while the darkness kidnapped Momoso. A group of the things lashed out with their claws, but they were no match for the superior fighting skills of the human warrior, but their job was a success. While Kageyama finished them, Momoso was dragged into the mirror world.


Mirrorman REFLEX
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