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Mirror Knight
Ultr mrknght
Human form: None
Height: 47 m
Weight: 35,000 t
Place of Origin: Planet Esmeralda
Planet of Mirrors
Transformation Item: None
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Hikaru Midorikawa
Suit actor(s): Yoshihiro Rikimaru
First Appearance: Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire
Last Appearance: Ultra Zero Fight Season 2
Race: Mirror Warrior/Esmeraldan hybrid
Status: Alive (Deceased, but revived by Zero)
Affiliation: Planet Esmeralda
Ultimate Force Zero

Mirror Knight (ミラーナイト Mirā Naito?) is an ally of Ultraman Zero from the movie Ultraman Zero The Movie: The Revenge of Belial

Subtitle: Knight of Mirrors (鏡の騎士 Kagami no Kishi?)


Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic EmpireEdit

Mirror Knight Protecting the kindgom

Mirror Knight protecting the kingdom

He first appears on Planet Esmeralda, where he is a guard of Princess Emerana. When Ultraman Belial attacked Esmeralda, he sent the Princess to a safe place, later he was trying to protect the Kingdom, but he was stabbed by Belial's claws on the back, corrupting his soul. After a while, Run, Nao, and Princess Emerana arrived on the Mirror World to look for the Shield of Baraji, there they saw Mirror Knight, but different,his eye color is dark and seemed like he was in terrible pain. Zero decided to free him from his corruption, after a short battle, Zero's light set Mirror Knight free. A while later, Belial's army was attacking the Mirror World, Mirror Knight decided to stay to defend it from Belial's Army. He is later seen int he Final battle against Kaiser Belial, after Zero obtained the Ultimate Aegis, Mirror Knight used a illusion of Zero to trick Belial so Zero can fully charge the attack, after "Zero" was hit by Belial's beam, where "Zero" was broke into pieces, and Mirror Knight was revealed, showing Belial he fell for his trick, thus giving enough time for Zero to use the Ultimate Aegis attack on Belial, destroying him. In the end, he joins Ultraman Zero on the "Ultimate Force Zero".

Ultraman Zero Side Story: Killer the BeatstarEdit

Part 1Edit

A year after Ultimate Force Zero's last battle with Kaiser Belial, the team encountered a giant planet-sized sphere which kidnapped Jean-bot and Emerana. The remaining three Ultimate Force Zero, Ultraman Zero, Mirror Knight and Glenfire broke into the sphere and fought it.

Six days later, two ZAP SPACY officers, Rei and Hyuga were on a holiday to Planet Bram until they encountered the same sphere and entered it via a hole that had been made by the Ultimate Force Zero, they found Emerana as she told them what actually happened. Ace Killer, King Joe and Imperializer appeared, and Ultimate Force Zero killed them despite being weakened. Jean-killer was sent to fight the Ultimate Force Zero and they were easily defeated.

Part 2Edit

Emerana ordered Jean-bot to stop as Jean-bot and he does. Zero took Jean-bot away, and he began to regain his consciousness but he had to shut down his system to resist Beatstar's control. As the fighting with Zero continues, before Zero had a chance to defeat Jean-killer, Jean-bot stopped Zero in time and tells everyone that he is his brother, the rest of the team is surprised when Jean-bot try to persuade Jean-killer that living-life forms is the not enemy, as he still under the control of Beatstar he continued to attack Jean-bot and the team.

Emerana arrives and persuades him to open his heart to the truth to make up his own mind, he responds but Beatstar forcefully gains control of him again and he attacks Emerena with beams from his eyes and holds back the team with electric blasts to make them stay where they are, even how much Rei tried to stop her, Hyuga told Rei that they should trust her. She still tries to convince Jean-killer as she believes that Jean-killer has a heart as his attack is missed in countless times to Emerana, He stopped after he saw Emerana's tear, the team is freed and everyone is surprised when they see Jean-killer's tears. Everyone taught him about life, heart and the truth about organic lifeforms not being his enemy. Jean-killer had make up his own mind but Hyuga reminds everyone that is time growing short before sphere will hit the planet.

The Team and Jean-killer destroyed all surrounding Legionoids. Ultraman, Ultraseven and Zoffy arrive to buy them time before the sphere hits the planet. Jean-bot begged Jean-killer to reveal Beatstar's Location Jean-killer told them he's at a half cut moon. The team jump up to the moon and found a several of King Joes and Imperializers. Jean-bot, Glenfire, Mirror Knight and Rei summoned Gomora to hold them for Zero, so Zero will be able to stop Beatstar. After everything is over Jean-Killer had been renamed by Emerana as "Jean-nine" and Zero had him joined The Team as well. Emerana told Jean-bot to be a good big brother to him. After Ultraman, Ultraseven and Zoffy left to Land of Light, Ultimate Force Zero is ready to save universe again.

Ultra Zero FightEdit

Part OneEdit

Ultimate Force Zero in Ultra Zero Fight One

Mirror Knight as seen in Ultra Zero Fight One

Like the rest of Ultimate Force Zero, Mirror Knight waited for Zero to finish his training in the monster graveyard. After Zero's adventure,he and the rest of the team greeted the Ultra and made their way back to the Living Dimension.

Part TwoEdit

Glenfire and Mirror Knight appeared as Bronze statues due too Alien Hipporito but these were duplicates made to trick the Ultra. Later while Zero was being attacked by the Darkness Five (save Alien Hipporoto and Alien Mephilas) and Tyrant, Glenfire joined Ultimate force Zero to hold them of while Zero went to rescue Pigmon. Glenfire fought the Glozam like member of the Darkness Five and the other save Zero. After Jean-bot is killed by Zero who had been possessed by Belial to become Zero Darkness, Mirror Knight and the others attacked Zero Darkness. However, all but Mirror Knight was pushed away by Zero Darkness' Dark High Spin. Mirror Knight then grabs Zero Darkness and put all of his powers to initiates Mirror Light. However, when the technique almost succeed, Zero Darkness use Dark Energy Slash to slash Mirror Knight's face. Mirror Knight then also meet the same fate like Jean-bot. While, Ultraman Zero stand like a statue, all of Ultimate Force Zero' members appear behind Zero. After a few talking, they gonna leaves. However, before they leave, they shouted Zero's name for encourage him to revive. Fortunately, he was revived along with the members by Zero.

Ultraman RetsudenEdit

Ultimate Force Zero in Ultraman Retsuden Episode 79

Mirror Knight as seen in Ultraman Retsuden

Mirror Knight & the others appear in Ultraman Retsuden Episode 79.



  • Height: 47 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Home Planet: Star of Mirrors

Special MovesEdit

As a resident of the Mirror Planet, Mirror Knight possesses power over mirrors he creates and the light that reflects off of them, allowing him to preform powerful attacks and illusions.

  • Knight Mover: Like his father's people, Mirror Knight can teleport between any reflective objects.
  • Mirror Kick: A surprise attack where Mirror Knight appears from a reflective surface and attacks with a flying kick.
  • Mirror Punch: A surprise attack where Mirror Knight appears from a reflective surface and attacks with a punch.
  • Mirror Portal:Using any reflective surface Mirror Knight can open a portal from that point and exit via another reflective surface, it is capable of stellar transportation
  • Mirror Barrier: A defensive technique where Mirror Knight puts up a powerful and wide barrier to defend against attacks.
    • Mirror Zero Barrier: With Ultraman Zero, Mirror Knight can combine his Mirror Barrier with Zero's  Ultra Barrier to create a much stronger defense.
  • Flight: Mirror Knight can fly under his own power, even across stellar distances similar to Ultras
  • Mirror Knife: An offensive technique where Mirror Knight cross his hands and releases it, making a shuriken like projectile.
  • Halation Mirror: Mirror Knight can create mirrors at will to create illusions based on reflections to trick his opponent.
  • Mirror Dome: Mirror Knight can generates Mirror Barrier to creates a dome of glass.
  • Silver Cross: A more powerful version of the Mirror Knife and Mirror Knight's most powerful attack, when it was first used, it was used with Mirror Dome to bounce around and attack the opponent continuously with a cross-shaped energy attack. It can also be used without the dome and is still very powerful.
  • Mirror Lecter: Mirror Knight can charges himself with an intense light to purify anything that surround Mirror Knight. This technique mimicked Zero Lecter that purified Mirror Knight, who had possessed by Belial Virus. However, this was ineffective on Zero Darkness.




  • Mirror Knight's creation was based on the special effects TV Series Mirror Man (1971).
  • Like the hero Mirrorman whose father was the previous Mirror Man, while his mother was human; Mirror Knight's Father was from the Mirror Planet, while his mother was from Planet Esmerlda, this was possible because the two worlds were close before the mirror world withdrew from stellar affairs in response to the Belial Invasion.
  • Tsuburaya Productions was originally going to name him Mirror Master, that name was used to name his counter part from The Spirits of TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS WORLD: Another Genesis, a novel serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine. In it his counterpart was a villain and the master of Tiga who later rebelled against him.
  • His actor's name, Hikaru is a Japanese word for light. Similarly, Mirror Knight's abilities were also light elemental powers.

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