Mirror Master
AG MirrorMaster
Home world: Unknown (Another Dimension)
First appearance: Another Genesis Episode 7
Latest appearance: TBA
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Alien
Affiliation: Tiga (servant)
Roar(s): None

Mirror Master is a villain in Another Genesis who is Mirror Knight's evil counterpart.

Title: God of Destruction


Mirror Master was an evil giant who commanded the giant known as Tiga. Originally Mirror Master was a life form from another dimension, one without physical substance.

Existing as a spiritual intelligence that relied on instinct, he was given form and access to the three-dimensional plane by a figure in all black who also gave him his body and a shard of the destroyed Land of Light. With a body he set of into this new form of existance and encountered the twin forces, Luna and Corona. He was offered the same choice as many who came before him and chose the Light of Instinct, rejecting Reason outright.

Eventually Tiga came to serve him and under his orders untold numbers of innocents were slaughtered. However, Tiga eventually met the twin giants as well, but chose instead Reason and turned against his master. Their confrontation ended with Mirror Master trapping Tiga in a prison of darkness.


Mirror Master Original

Original form

Mirror Master's original existence was as a spiritual intelligence, a spiritual life form that relied on instinct, he wanders across the universe until a figure in black gave him a shard of the destroyed Land of Light, allowing him to generate his own body.

AG MirrorMaster

New Form

After bestowed the Light of Instinct from Corona, Mirror Master's body changed in ways that gave him a drastic new design resembling collected broken mirror shards.


  • Dark Power: The extent of his power is unknown but it was enough to convince Tiga to serve him. His abilities seem to revolve around reflections and mirrors as his name implies.
    • Outer Space Adaption: MIrror Master can survive in space.
    • Strength: Having received the power of Cororna, Mirror Master presumably gained enhanced strength, enough to convince Tiga to bow down to him in the beginning.
    • Imprisonment: Mirror Master can create a prison which formed by his own dark power. It appears as a mirror showing only darkness.
      • Evil Doppelganger: Mirror Master can create an evil doppelganger of his own opponent as his servant. This was first seen used against Tiga. This ability is akin to an object with its reflection on a mirror.



  • Mirror Master's new form shares similar designs and characteristics with Jean-Nine and Petrosapiens from Ben 10.
  • Mirror Master was originally going to be Mirror Knight's name.
  • Mirror Master is the only giant with Mirror in his name from Tsuburaya to be evil.
  • Mirror Master bears a similar to title to Dark Zagi.
  • Mirror Master shares his name with DC comics super villain who is a rogue of the her The Flash.

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