Mirrorman first
Human Host/Form: Kyotaro Kagami (pilot)
Height: Unknown
Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Place of Origin: 2nd Dimension,

3rd Dimension

Transformation Item: TBA
Type: TBA
Voice actor(s): Toshio Shiba
Suit actor(s): Toshio Shiba
First Appearance: Mirrorman (1971 pilot)
Last Appearance: TBA
Race: Mirror Mirror/Man hybrid
Status: TBA
Affiliation: TBA
Kyotaro Kagami learns of his fathers true alien origins from a letter that was left for him by his dead mother, and that he has the abilty to transform into the superhuman Mirrorman (ミラーマン, Mirraman?). However, Kyotaro is labled as a threat to the earth by the SGM orginzation.


Body Features





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