Mirrorman REFLEX
Mrrmn Rflx pstr
Directed by: Kazuya Konaka
Produced by: Tsuburaya Productions
Written by: Chiaki Konaka
Starring: Ryō Karato
Miku Ishida
Nobuyuki Ishida
Music by: TAK-MI
Cinematography: Yoichi Shiga
Editing by: Akira Matsuki
Distributed by: VAP
Release Date(s) January 28, 2006
Running time 105 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Mirrorman REFLEX (ミラーマンREFLEX, Mirāman REFLEX) is a three episode, straight-to-DVD series that would be later compiled into a film in 2005, featuring no characters or connection to the original Mirrorman.[1] REFLEX has a darker tone on par with the first half of the original television series. The three episode short series was later compiled into one long movie.

In the story the concept of the mirror world and its inhabitants is changed, drawing more on ancient Japanese beliefs. Behind all mirrors lies the 'Hidden World' where within lay monstrous spirits who sought to take over the souls and bodies of people of this the 'manifest world'. Unlike most giant heroes or the original Mirrorman, REFLEX's main hero, Akira Kageyama, was a gruff middle-aged man who only acted when the Mirror Demons, the Jashin (Evil Warriors) escape to the manifest world.


Reflex villians

Shiyu, Kyuki and Reiki, the Mirror Demons

In this updated 2006 version the story revolves around a troubled war veteran Akira, his niece, Momoso, a strange girl who possesses incredible powers and a beautiful scientist with a unforgettable trauma in her past. While the original Mirrorman was a Sci-Fi toku, REFLEX revolved around the supernatural delving into ancient Japanese beliefs to create the universe in which the story revolves. Instead of invaders the enemies the hero faces are demons of the Hidden World, the spiritual realm that resides behind every mirror to this the Material World. They are summoned by a rich occultist bent on gaining power.



Mirror Demons

Theme songs

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  • Kazuya Konaka also previously directed ULTRAMAN.
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