Nebula M78 Universe
Mitsuhiro Ide
Mitsuhiro Ide
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Timeline)
Series: Ultraman
First appearance: Ultraman episode 1 "Ultra Operation No.1" (1966)
Last appearance: Revive! Ultraman
Number of appearances 39 (Episodes)
2 (Movies)
Type: Protagonist,
Family Unknown
Affiliation SSSP,
Portrayed by Masanari Nihei

Mitsuhiro Ide (イデ・ミツヒロ井出 光弘 Ide Mitsuhiro) is a scientist, and the primary ordnance-and-munitions inventor of the Science Patrol. Sometimes he feels his weapons are useless because of Ultraman; however, sometimes his weapons have saved the day. He is rather comical by comparison with the team's other personnel, and is very skinny and tall.





Ide is very clever and has been shown to put his passion into creating the SSSP personal's weapons, He is the most carefree of the SSSP's main personal but is also a little cowardly when confronted with aliens. He is the source of most of the show's comic relief.


  • It seems to be a running gag in the Original of Mitsuhiro getting hurt, such as his Black Eye in Episode 2 after falling of the bed, and in Episode 7 he hurt his head.
  • He has the honor of being the first character to break the fourth wall.