Mitsuo Itahashi
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, born June 23 1967
Home world: Earth (Tiga Universe)
Series: Ultraman Tiga
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Type: Civilian
Family None
Affiliation Metropolis Police Department (formerly)
Portrayed by Hiroyuki Takano

Mitsuo Itahashi (イタハシ・ミツオ Itahashi Mitsuo?) was a human that died three years prior to the Ultraman Tiga series and have his body became the shell for Kyrieloid.


Ultraman Tiga

Mitsuo Itahashi was formerly a Metropolis Policeman whom had died sometime ago. Three years later, a Kyrieloid took his corpse as he began prophecising a "renewal" of Earth by setting fire to those who were impure (by their standards). His plans would later foiled by GUTS and finally being killed by Ultraman Tiga.

Later, after Daigo Madoka/Ultraman Tiga stopped Gobnu Giga from destroying GUTS Base, Kyrieloid took the form of Mitsuo again and mock the hero when he was talking to Yuzare.

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