Mizuhara Sara is the inspector of TLT North American base.She appears in Ultraman(2004) as one of the main characters and make a reappearance in Ultraman Nexus(series),episodes 33 and 34.

Mizuhara Sara
Mizuhara Sara
Gender: Femle
Age: Unknown
Home world: Planet Earth(Noa's Universe)
Series: None
First appearance: Ultraman The Movie(2004)
Last appearance: Ultraman Nexus:Episode 34
Number of appearances Movie(1)


Type: Heroine
Family Unknown
Affiliation Udo Takafumi(Former Finace)

TLT Kaimoto(Underling) Shinchi Maki

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Ultraman The Movie(2004)

In this movie,she was one of the main characters.She was first seen in a lab preparing a weapon the kill the Beast The One.As The One was leaving the port,she shot against the One.However,after the One revealed Udo,she was shocked and did not fire another shot.

Later,she was seen with Maki's plane taking Maki to the Japan Air Defnse Force for negotiations by the leader.She confronted Maki about Udo's appearance and later seen with the army to kill The One but failed and saved by Maki after The One tried to kill her.


Ultraman Nexus(series)

She appeared in episode 33,she visited the TLT Japan base to talk about the TLT North American base decisions regarding Lethe.She explained the origins of Lethe and the Visitors and regarding erasing the world's memories of Beast The One and Ultraman the Next.

Image Mizauhara Sara 2222

At the end of episode 34,she was seen leaving the base and stated that people's feelings were entrusted to Maki as he saved the world and stated that people's entrusted were entrusted to the current Deunamist,Ren Senju.

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