Mogedon full
Home world: Chadabin Star
First appearance: Ultraman Dyna episode 48 "N'damoshite X" (1998)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 55 m
Weight: 50,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Alien Chadabin (Master)
Roar(s): TBA

Mogedon (モゲドン Mogedon?) is a mole-like kaiju that first appeared in Ultraman Dyna.

Subtitle: Underground Monster (地底怪獣 Chitei Kaijū?)


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Chadabin Star


Ultraman DynaEdit

Everything seemed to be going well one sunny morning until Mogedon appeared from the surface of the Earth. Super GUTS attempted to attack him, but his jumping and burrowing were too quick for them to handle. However, after analyzing his body, Mogedon appeared to have a weak point of sorts in his neck. With the use of a single stinger missile, Ryo knocked out Mogedon cold. However, as a highly explosive alien device from Alien Chadabin was being retrieved out of his mouth, Mogedon awoke. Super GUTS quickly pinned him down with an electrical net, but he simply rechanneled it back towards the fighters. To prevent the situation from getting worse Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna and pinned Mogedon down right after he went into Strong Mode. However, Mogedon managed to swipe Dyna off and tried to run away. After Mogedon sneezed out the retrieval team and the device, Dyna used the Dyna Clap to stun the mole kaiju and sent him into space.


  • Suit actor: Koji Mimura
  • Mogedon is inspired by a star-nosed mole.
  • Mogedon is one of the few monsters with a mole-like appearance, others are Mongular and Mogrudon.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Burrowing: Mogedon can burrow at moderate speeds while underground.

Figure Release InformationEdit




Ultraman Dyna Vs Mogedon04:50

Ultraman Dyna Vs Mogedon

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