Home world: M91 Star
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 47 "XIG Destroyed?!"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 333 m
Weight: 330,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Shinigami (Creator/Master)
The Sound Effects of King of Mons

Mokian (モキアン, Mokiyan) is the giant alien kaiju who worked as a servent with Shinigami.

Subtitle: Supermassive monopole organisms (超巨大単極子生物, Chōkyodai Tankyoku-ko Seibutsu)


  • Length: 333 m
  • Weight: 330,000 t
  • Origin: Space


Ultraman Gaia

Shinigami, an alien from the galaxy M91 and possibly the creator of Apatee and Algyuros, sent his extremely large and strong Kaiju, Mokian to destroy X.I.G. Mokian drifted down toward the Earth, threatening to demolish the entire planet. X.I.G was fast to attack the behemoth, but not even the mighty fire power of the Aerial Base could halt the demon. The thing fought back, wreaking havoc o
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Mokian encounters X.I.G

n the base with its energy blasts, eventually causing the base to evacuate most of its personal. Only Gamu and the commander stayed behind, luring the massive creature back into space where they could kill it. Gamu left, leaving the commander to his own as he tried to ram the base itself into the creature. When the last eng

Mokian grabbed Ultraman Gaia

ine went out, and Gamu saw what he was trying to do, he quickly morphed into Ultraman Gaia, but the creature was far to massive to be destroyed in just one blast. The beast captured Gaia with its tentacles, holding him tight and pumping him with billions of volts of electricity. The commander watched on from the control room as the Aerial Base headed directly into Mokian's gapping maw. Both the Aerial Base and the planet killer were blown apart, the explosion destroying the creature completely as Ultraman Gaia rescued the commander from the inferno.


Powers and Weapons

  • Levitation: Mokian can levitate for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Electric Surge: Mokian can create purple lightning all over his body to shock enemies that get too close.
  • Energy Cannons: Mokian has energy cannons on its four "wings".
  • Energy Balls: Mokian can launch orange energy balls from his eye.
  • Armor: Mokian has armor that can stand up to attacks like Ultraman Gaia's Quantum Stream.
  • Tentacles: Mokian can spawn tentacles if its energy cannons are destroyed.
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