Home world: Prehistoric Earth
First appearance: Dinosaur Expedition Born Free Episode TBA
Latest appearance: TBA
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
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Affiliation: None
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The Monoclonius (モノクロニウス Monokuroniusu) was a dubious one horned relative of the Triceratops that appeared in Dinosaur Expedition Born Free as a target for poachers.


  • Length: N/A (Dinosaur Expedition Born Free), TBA (real life)
  • Weight: N/A (Dinosaur Expedition Born Free), TBA (real life)
  • Origin: Earth.


Dinosaur Expedition Born Free

When the Born Free where attempting to save the Trachodon, out from the ground came the angered Monoclonius! The rhino like saurian was so agressive that the Born Free crew, sadly, had to end it's life by freezing the reptile.


  • The Monoclonius is the only dinosaur that the Born Free had to kill in Prehistoric Times, as it was far to aggressive.
  • It's stop motion puppet would later be used during the Great Dinosaur War Izenborg.
Trivia not relevant for the series
  • Monoclonius means "single sprout" in Greek.
  • Unlike normal specimens of it's species, the one depicted in the show can burrow.
  • Monoclonius was named by Edward Drinker Cope in 1876. Later, much taxonomic confusion was caused by the discovery of Centrosaurus, a very similar genus of ceratopsian, that is known from much better remains. Today, typical Monoclonius specimens are usually believed to be juveniles or subadults, in many cases of other genera such as Centrosaurus. Those specimens that remain under the name Monoclonius are mostly too incomplete or immature to be confidently matched with adult specimens from the same time and place. This is especially true of the type species, Monoclonius crassus. Therefore, Monoclonius is now usually considered a nomen dubium, pending further study.

Powers and Abilities

  • Horn: Like all ceratopsian dinosaurs, the Monoclonius has one horn used to gore enemies.
  • Burrowing: Monoclonius can burrow into the ground.

Known Monoclonius

  • Monora (from Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)
  • Mororo (from Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)
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