Monster Bird
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Home world: Planet Earth
First appearance: Iron King Episode 5: "The Duel in the Autumn Wind" (1972)
Latest appearance: Iron King Episode 6: "Lullaby for a Warrior" (1972)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Robots
Affiliation: Shiranui
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Monster Bird (ト モンスターバード Monsterbird) is a robot that appeared in episodes 5 and 6 of Iron King.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Japan


Iron King

Setting aside their death plans for Gentaro, the Shiranui sent their next monster to attack a passenger airline. Killing nearly everyone onboard, the wake of death left a woman fatherless and filled with anger. This utter hate drove her to hunt down the monster that patrolled the skies of Japan with a bloodlust that was unsurpassed. Together, the woman and Gentaro hopped into a small jet and proceeded to battle the Monster Bird. Their weaponless plane was no match, forcing Goro to transform into Iron King and battle. However, the aerial machine was too powerful. Its steam blast quickly dehydrated the hero, forcing him into total retreat.

The supersonic machine was not seen again until it was summon to destroy a large dam. Using its hand blasts, the monster was about to succeeded when Gentaro stepped in. He bought Goro enough time to be able to transform into Iron King and battle the wicked machine a second time. However, the Monster Bird was still too powerful. The battle took them to the depths of a lake before they both emerged. Taking to the air, the Monster Bird began to spin and completely crippled Iron King with its nova blast! However, as the machine took flight after Gentaro, the agent used his Iron Belt to destroy its control receiver! Instantly, the deadly robot was engulfed in flames and fell to the Earth, exploding on contact.

Powers and Weapons

  • Hand Blasts: From its forearm claws, the Monster Bird can launch cannon-likes shots of invisible energy.
  • Steam Blast: Monster Bird is capable of unleashing a concentrated cloud of super-heated steam from its hands.
  • Pryo Stream: Also from its forearm claws, the Monster Bird can release a tremendous amount of pyrotechnics such as sparks and spoke.
  • Exhaust: Like all jets, Monster Bird leaves an exhaust trail from its flight engine, however it can use this after effect to blast away foes like a hurricane blast of wind.
  • Forearm Claws: Monster Bird is equipped with extremely sharp claws attached to each of its forearms.
  • Nova Shock: By spinning in the air at incredible speeds, the Monster Bird is able to generate enough power to emit a shocking wave of energy from its body that can cripple weaker opponents.


  • If the Shiranui Clan controller device is destroyed, Monster Bird will self-destruct.



Iron King vs Monster Bird

Iron King vs Monster Bird

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