Monster Time Bomb
Return of Ultraman, Episode 8
Air date 05/21/1971
Screenplay by Shigemitsu Taguchi
Directed by Masanori Kakehi
Special skill director Koichi Takano
Viewer Ratings 19.0%
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Operation Rainbow Monster!
Monster Island S.O.S

Monster Time Bomb (怪獣時限爆弾 - Kaijū Jigen Bakudan) is the 8th episode of Return of Ultraman.


A new monster surfaces in Hell Valley, and despite being a seemingly harmless creature, MAT must kill it anyways. Using Kishida's new X Bomb, Goh is sent to do the job. Narrowly missing the monsters ray attack, Goh fires, but the bomb doesn't go off. Upon reviewing the Arrow's on board flight recorder, Goh set the bomb as a 10 hour timed blast instead of on-target detonation. Worried the creature may surface in a densely populated area before the bomb explodes, MAT must find the burrowing beast before the ten hours is up. Tensions are alleviated when it appears the creature is leaving the Tokyo area. But when it is learned the monster is heading towards a chemical dynamite factory in the Aoki Highlands, MAT rushes there to avert another potential disaster.





DVD Releases

Return of Ultraman Vol.2 Episodes 5-8.

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