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Mother of Ultra
Ultra Mother
Human Host/Form: The Lady in Green
Height: 40 m
Weight: 32,000 tons
Age: over 140,000 years old
Home world: Land of Light
Voice actor(s): Pegi Hayama (Ultraman Taro)
Taeko Uesaka (Monster VS Ultra Brothers 6)
Masako Ikeda (Ultraman Story - Ultraman Mebius),
Hasegawa Rie (Ultra Galaxy Legends)
Suit actor(s): TBA
First Appearance: Episode 1 Like the Sun, Mother of Ultra
Last Appearance: Darkness and Light
Number of Appearances: 7 (Taro)
1 (Leo)
4 (Mebius)
2 (Ginga)
8 (Movies)
Race: Ultra
Status: Alive
Family: Father of Ultra(husband)
Ace(adopted son)

Seven's Mother (Sister)
Seven's Father (Brother-in-Law)
Seven's brother (Nephew)
Seven's Sister (Niece)
Zero(grand nephew)
Jack (Brother-in-law)
Jack's Wife (Younger Sister)

Mother of Ultra (ウルトラの母, Urutora no Haha?) is one of the most important members of the Space Garrison, as she is mostly a medic. Her debut was in the first episode of Ultraman Taro and is the mother of Taro. Her real name, Marie (マリー, Marī?), was revealed in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.


Ultraman Taro

She first appearing before Kohtaro Higashi as a crossing guard and gave him a special item called "The Ultra Badge," saying it was a good luck charm. Later, when Kotaro is killed by the monster Astromons, she transports him to the Land of Light. There, now in her real form, as well as the five Ultra brothers she merges Kohtaro with the newest Ultraman. Kohtaro is then told that he can use the charm, "The Ultra tar Badge," to change from human to Ultra at will. Kohtaro is then returned to Earth only a moment after he left, but reborn as Ultraman Taro. From that point on, Mother would continue to appear on Earth to aid both Kohtaro and Ultraman Taro in battle, by healing/fighting alongside him, like their battle against Live King. She is also responsible for bringing both Zoffy and Taro back to life after they were killed by the monster Birdon. Eventually, Higashi returns the Badge to her, and Taro then returns to his home planet.


  • In the first episode, her suit is actually the Ultraman suit with breasts and hair added. This is because her actual suit was not finished yet, and is the reason for her freakish first appearance.

The Six Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army


Mother of Ultra as she appears in the movie.

Then, some time later, Piko, a young village boy, takes a bullet in the face and dies after valiantly trying to prevent the statue of a god from being stolen by thugs. In the Land of Light, Mother sticks her hand into a box, and it emerges from the sky on Earth and takes the body of Piko away as his friends look on. Mother then transforms and resurrects Piko into the white monkey god, Hanuman, to not only get revenge, but also aid the ultra brothers in a battle against a revived army of monsters. The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army

Ultraman Leo

Mother of Ultra has continued to help the Ultra Brothers during Ultraman Leo's time on earth, such as allowing Leo and Astra to become members of the Ultra Brothers.The Leo Brothers and the Ultra Brothers, Time of Victory

Ultraman Mebius

In Ultraman Mebius she transforms Hunter Knight Tsurugi back into Ultraman Hikari, saving his life after his battle with Bogalmons.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends


Profile, Body Features and Techniques


Mother of Ultra capeless
  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 32,000 
  • Age: Over 140,000 years
  • Flight Speed: Mach 10
  • Running Speed: 600 km per hour
  • Underwater Speed: 120 knots
  • Jumping Distance: 350 m


  • Father of Ultra: Husband
  • Ultraman Taro: Son
  • Ultraseven: Nephew
  • Ultraman Ace: Adopted Son
  • Ultraman Zero: Grandnephew
  • Seven's Father: Brother-in-law
  • Seven's Mother: Sister, died durring Seven's childhood
  • Seven's Brother: Nephew
  • Seven's Sister: niece

Body Features

  • Mother Red (マザーレッドMazā Reddo): Protrusions on her head which communicates with Father of Ultra and senses the Ultra Brothers in peril.
  • Silver Cross Decoration (銀十字勲章 Ginjūji Kunshō): The pig-tails like decoration on her ears.
  • Mother Blue (マザーブルーMazā Burū): A bracelet on her left forearm.


Mother of Ultra possesses fantastic healing abilities, and she is skilled in melee combat. She also possesses many characteristics and abilities, listed here:

  • Mother Beam (マザー光線Mazā Kōsen): A recovery beam from her right arm with the energy of the Mother Blue.
  • Mother Shower (マザーシャワーMazā Shawā): A shower of energy which revives the dead.
  • Mother Destruction Beam (マザー破壊光線Mazā Hakai Kōsen): A powerful beam from her right arm. Used in conjunction with Taro's Storium Beam to destroy Liveking.
  • Power Beam (パワービーム Pawā Bīmu): A beam from her both hands.
  • Silver Cross Beam (銀十字光線Ginjūji Kōsen): A recovery beam from her both hands. Not used in shows.
  • Relive Beam (リライブ光線Riraibu Kōsen): A beam which revives the dead. Not used in shows.
  • Mother Punch: A fast punch used against Ultraman Belial.
  • Mother Kick: A variation of very powerful kick techniques, used against Belial. These include a roundhouse kick and a high kick.


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