Home world: Earth
First appearance: 4-10 10-10 Episode 7
Latest appearance: none
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 95 kg
Category: Kaijin
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The Mummy is an ancient kaijin who appeared in the series 10-4, 10-10.


Height: 1m

Weight: 85kg

Origin: Earth



A mummy that came out of parks and other places in Japan. It was a mummy owned by the Takagaki family who's radio waves where manipulated by the mummy. The mummy robbed their museum and was then powered up by lightning so it destroyed more radio waves and places until the mummies became to fall and die.


  • The Mummy is from a long line of mummified villains to appear in the Tsuburaya series, including the Mummy Man and Giant Mummy

Powers and Abilities


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