NSP Campanella

NSP Campanella

NSP Campanella (NSPカンパネラ NSP Kanpanera?) is an artificial sun developed by TPC.

Subtitle: Artificial sun tester (人工太陽試験機 Jinkō taiyō shiken-ki?)


Created by TPC, the artificial sun mainly reflects sunlight and magnifies it towards other planets such as Jupiter and Mars. When Spume takes over the Kolakerf NF-3000, it controls the NSP Campanella itself, dragging it off from Jupiter and hurling it towards Antarctica on Earth either for colliding with it or for melting Antarctica. However, Mai finally brought it back to it's original position with Dyna destroying Spume by firing an energy blast, causing Campanella to reflect a bigger blast and disintegrating the monster.

However, when Gransphire absorbs the Solar System planets, the artificial sun is also absorbed. As seen in the final episode of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, Campanella is now located near Planet Boris in the Showa Universe but it's about to hit the planet. A battle-damaged King Joe Black returns to try and stop the Pendragon from escaping the planet but Ultraman, (who was revived by Rei) attacks him, cutting off his arm and dragging him down to the planet as King Joe Black and the whole planet destroyed along with the NSP Campanella.


  • Compared to a normal sun, Campanella only reflects and magnetize light than emitting light.
  • Though NSP Campanella is the first artificial sun, the oldest is Plasma Spark.
  • The prop for NSP Campanella would later modified into Sol's spaceship in Ultraman Cosmos.