"So, who's Natasha by the way? You keep calling her while you're fainting. Is she an important person?"
"Indeed. I wasn't able to save her. She saved me before and I...

Naomi and Gai, The Dark King's Blessing
Natasha Romanová
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman Orb
First appearance: Ultraman Orb Episode 1: "The Sunset Wanderer"
Last appearance: Ultraman Orb Episode 25: "The Wandering Sun"
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Ally
Family Ke Yumeno (Husband)
Keiko Yumeno (Great Granddaughter)
Naomi Yumeno (Great-Great Granddaughter)
Affiliation Gai Kurenai
Portrayed by Vlada

Natasha Romanová (ナターシャ・ロマノワ Natāsha Romanowa) was a human from Ultraman Orb that was Gai's best friend, but he failed to save her in the battle against Maga-Zetton.


Natasha was a woman who lived at least 108 years ago prior to the events of series, who hailed from a place called the Rupashka Empire (ルパシカ皇国 Rupashika Kōkoku), to escape the conflicts there and had run away to Rusalka. She was the daughter of a high-ranking officer. She had befriended Gai after seeing him hurt after his fight against Super C.O.V., and had became an amnesiac. The two spent time together while Gai recuperated. However, the friendship between Ultra and human didn't last as when Orb defended her in the battle against Maga-Zetton, the King Demon Beast's attack knocked her away, injuring her. Orb, who became angered, unleashed all of his might on the King Demon Beast of Light, but this caused a massive explosion known as the Rusalka Great Explosion (ルサールカ大爆発 Rusāruka Dai Bakuhatsu), that seemingly killed her, leaving Orb traumatized and depressed from the events. As a result Gai sealed away his true form to prevent the loss of innocent lives again.

However, before the explosion, Jugglus Juggler who was watching the battle transformed into his true form and saved her from the explosion by carrying her to a safe place nearby, Juggler then healed Natasha. When she regains consciousness, she smiled at Juggler, who escaped after that.

Years later, she went to Japan as a fugitive and married an interpretor named Ke Yumeno (夢野家 Yumeno Ke). However, she still remembered Gai, and put a photo of them together in the last doll of a Matryoshka, which she passed down to her descendants. Eventually Natasha's bloodline was passed down to her great-great granddaughter Naomi Yumeno.


  • Due to Gai's interaction with Naomi among other things, many fans assumed Natasha is Naomi's former self. However, this has been proven wrong.
  • She was credited as "Foreign girl" (異国の少女 Ikoku no shōjo) before her name was shouted by Gai in episode 12.