Nebula M78

Nebula M78 (M78星雲 Emu Nana-jū hachi Seiun?) is the nebula that serves as the greater location of the Land of Light, home world of most Ultras in the Showa Universe. It is thirteen million light years away from Earth and is noted to house more than just one planet where Ultras live.

Points of Interest

  • Space Prison: The artificial moon of the Land of Light
  • Land of Light
    • Plasma Spark Tower: A very tall tower where Plasma Spark is there.
    • Ultra Coliseum: A great coliseum where Taro and his students are training.
  • Planet Altara: Home world of the Ultra Force. Most likely a colony of the Land of Light.
  • Planet Zorkin: Self destructed sending its numerous monsters across the universe.
  • Planet King: Ultraman King's private planet.


  • In reality Nebula M78 (Messer 78 after astronomer Charles Messer) is a nebula in the Orion Constellation which is only 1600 light years away from Earth. It is interesting to note that Orion was a giant in Greek Mythology.


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