"In the next thirty minutes, you will open the door to this mysterious world and regain a lost eternity."

―Opening narration
Series Episodes
Neo Ultra Q
Neo Ultra Q is the 23 entry in the Ultra Series
Neo Ultra Q
Format: Horror, science fiction, supernatural
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Seiichi Tanabe,
Rin Takanashi,
Hiroyuki Onoue
Opening Theme: n/a
Ending Theme: n/a
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 12
Running Time 24 minutes
Original Channel WOWOW
Original Air Date January 12, 2013
Preceded by Ultraman Retsuden
Succeeded by Ultraman Retsuden, Ultraman Ginga
  1. Quo Vadis (クォ・ヴァディス Kwo Vadisu?)
  2. Laundry Day (洗濯の日 Sentaku no Hi?)
  3. The Businessman Who Came From the Sky (宇宙(そら)から来たビジネスマン Sora kara Kita Bijinesuman?)
  4. Pandora's Cave (パンドラの穴 Pandora no Ana?)
  5. The Town That Doesn't Speak (言葉のない街 Kotoba no Nai Machi?)
  6. The Extremely Smelly Island (もっとも臭い島 Mottomo Kusai Shima?)
  7. The Iron Shell (鉄の貝 Tetsu no Kai?)
  8. Memories Are Crossing the Planet (思い出は惑星(ほし)を越えて Omoide wa Hoshi o Koete?)
  9. The Tokyo Protocol (東京プロトコル Tōkyō Purotokoru?)
  10. Falmagan and Michiru (ファルマガンとミチル Farumagan to Michiru?)
  11. Algoth Democracy (アルゴス・デモクラシー Arugosu Demokurashī?)
  12. Hominis Dignitati (ホミニス・ディグニターティ Hominisu Digunitāti?)

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