"Now...I'll Believe in Ultraman!"

—Taiga Nozomu before he transforms to Zero to the final Battle, Ultraman Saga

Taiga Nozomu
DAIGO - Nozomu Taiga
Ultra: Ultraman Zero
Age: {{{Age}}}
Gender: Male
Transformation Item Ultra Zero Eye
Home world: Planet Earth (Giants of Light Timeline)
First Appearance: Ultraman Saga
Last Appearances N/A
Type: Hero
Family {{{Family}}}
Affiliation Super GUTS,
Team U
Portrayed by DAIGO

Nozomu Taiga (タイガ・ノゾム Taiga Nozomu?) is the former human host for Ultraman Zero as of the events of Ultraman Saga. He can transform into Ultraman Zero by his Ultra Zero Eye like Ultraseven's.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Piloting skills: Like any Super GUTS member, Taiga is trained in the use of the machines, he also considered a piloting prodigy
  • Combat Training: As any Super GUTS member, Taiga is trained in combat, obviously armed combat and unarmed combat
  • Agility: Taiga displayed somewhat superhuman agility as he jumped between flying debris and balanced himself on a monster's spinning drill all while holding a young boy. Zero stated this was because of his presence in Taiga's body.
  • Transformation: While he was the host of Ultraman Zero, he could transform using the Ultra Eye like Ultraseven.
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Ultraman Saga

Some time in his childhood Taiga witnessed firsthand a monster attack, while Dyna was able to defeat the monster, his parents were lost in the cross fire and his cries for help and to Ultraman went unanswered. Since then he refused to accept the power of Ultras and held the view that mankind had grown past the need for their help as a mask for his trauma and spite. Some time later, Taiga Nozomu became a new rookie pilot from Super GUTS, with a cocky attitude similar to Shin Asuka. However, unlike Shin, who ultimately respected his predecessors, Taiga was disrespectful to the memory of his MIA superior due to his dislike of all ultras. When a set of Gran Sphere drones attacked the Mars colony Taiga took a fighter and defeated them despite being ordered to return to base by his commander.

Eventually, Taiga found himself lodged into the energy sphere of an unknown ship and transported to Earth in another universe. The same one that Zero was transported to. Watching the Ultra battle the alien fighter drones, Taiga refused to fight out of spite he directed to the Ultra.

However, after learning that the members of Team U, who had claimed to be with the Earth Defense Force, had really been faking it to protect the children, he decided to believe in Ultraman, and voluntarily transformed into Ultraman Zero in order to rescue Shin Asuka and Ultraman Dyna.

His first debut is in the movie, which he fused with Asuka and Musashi to become a new hero called Ultraman Saga.


  • Taiga's actor, Daigo is from the band, "Stardust Breakerz."
  • According to some earlier reports by Tsuburaya, Taiga had a great dislike for Ultraman, Aliens, and Monsters in general after his parents were killed in the battle between Ultraman Jack and the original Alien Bat. This is proven false as that battle took place in the Tiga universe, not the Showa universe.
  • Nozomu Taiga's name is similar to Nobori Taiga's from Kamen Rider Kiva series. Ironically, Taiga's rider form before he becomes Dark Kiva is Kamen Rider Saga, however, the characters share few other similarities. 
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