"I'm married, and she loves kids, so she's be glad to have them over. You can come too, Ohtori-kun"

―Officer Suzuki decides to take care of Toru and Kaoru
Officer Suzuki
Officer Suzuki MAC
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Leo
First appearance: Goodbye, Tears
Last appearance: None
Number of appearances 1 (Ultraman Leo)
Type: Ally
Family Wife (Name is unknown)
Affiliation MAC
Portrayed by Shinya Kashima

Officer Suzuki was a member of MAC (Monster Attacking Crew) in Ultraman Leo. In episode 3 Goodbye, Tears, he was slice in half by Alien Tsuruk.

Ultraman Leo

Toru and Kaoru, friends of Gen and the MAC Team are being raised by their dad after their mother died. Leaving the MAC training facility one night, a mysterious creature kills the man in front of his kids and leaves a metal object at the scene. Gen Ohtori becomes seriously concerned upon seeing the object and notices it has the face of Ultraman Leo on it. Both Gen and Goro must now figure out who will take care of the newly orphaned siblings, Goro says he still a bachelor so he can't feed them while Takeshi said already has his little brother and Momoko can't. Suddenly, a MAC member - Suzuki, also a family man, decides to let the kids stay with him temporarily and he also invites Ohtori comes to his house too. When they almost reach Suzuki's place, the deadly creature attacks once more, killing Suzuki in front of the kids and quickly leaves the scene.

Officer Suzuki before killed

Officer Suzuki before his death


He was a willing and kind man as he decides to take care of Toru and Kaoru. He also invites Gen comes to his place too.


  • Officer Suzuki was the first MAC member only appears in just one episode. He also was the first member to be killed.

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