"(Ultraman Name)! (Ultraman Name)! Fusion Up! Ultraman Orb: (form)!"

―Transformation announcement for Fusion Up forms

"Awaken: Orb Origin!"

―Transformation announcement for Orb Origin

"Unleash the power of Orb!"

―Orb Supreme Calibur's finisher announcement upon scanning the Orbcalibur

"Trinity Fusion!"

―Transformation announcement for Orb Trinity

"Ultra Overlapping!"

―Activation announcement for Ultra Overlapping

Orb Ring
Orb ring
User(s): Gai Kurenai
First Appearance: Ultraman Orb
Status: In use

The Orb Ring (オーブリング Ōbu Ringu) is Ultraman Orb's transformation device, used by his human form Gai Kurenai. It also grants Ultraman Orb access to the combined powers of the past 42 Ultra Warriors via the Ultra Fusion Cards. Its dark counterpart is the Dark Ring, used by Gai's archenemy Jugglus Juggler.


Ultraman Orb Chronicle

Chapter 3: 'The Man Who Stole The Black Hole' Arc

Gai obtained the Orb Ring when he returned to Planet O-50 after his journeys. He then received his third mission to the Earth to stop the revival of King Demon Beasts. Since then, Gai uses it to gather the Ultra Fusion Cards of previous Ultra Warriors.

Chapter 4: 'Fierce Battle! Ishtal Civilization' Arc

After Orb defeated Magatanothor in the Ishtal Civilization, Gai harvested Ultraman Tiga's Ultra Fusion Card after defeating said monster while Juggler harvested Magatanothor's card as well.

Chapter 5: 'From Rusalka With Love' Arc

Upon the defeat of Maga-Zetton, Gai harvested Ultraman's Ultra Fusion Card from the defeat of said monster. Due to losing the Orbcalibur during the battle, Gai was forced to rely on the Orb Ring as an alternative to his transformation to battle against his enemies. For the first time, he used his Fusion Up to transform into Spacium Zeperion to deal with a Hungler.

Chapter 6: 'The Wandering Sun'

Ultraman Orb
Main article: Ultraman Orb (series)

During the series, when Gai defeats the King Demon Beasts that Juggler summoned, Gai would harvest Ultra Fusion Cards of past Ultraman from their defeat. This allows Gai to assume his other Fusion Up forms apart from Specium Zeperion. Upon gaining the confidence of his powers, and having the Orbcalibur returned to Gai, he still requires this device to assess his Orb Origin Form as the Orbcalibur is stored in the form of an Ultra Fusion Card.

Chapter 7: 'Space Witch Mulnau's Counterattack, Sadeath's Return'

Main article: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!

Gai receives the Ultra Fusion Cards of Ginga, Victory and X through his Orb Ring, due to their combined power of bonds. He summons the Orb Slasher, which allows him to transform into his most powerful form, Orb Trinity.

Ginga and X's Ultra Fusion Cards also allowed him to later use another form, Lightning Attacker.

Chapter 9: 'Messengers of the Netherworld Mage'

Main article: Ultra Fight Orb

After spending 10 years of training with Seven and Zero in Zero's Shining Field, Seven feels that Orb is ready to unlock a new power, and gives him some of his light. This allowed Orb to obtain Ultraseven's Ultra Fusion Card through the Orb Ring's usage, and he unleashes the power of his newest Fusion Up form, Emerium Slugger, to defeat Reibatos.


  • Transformation: Being Orb's transformation device, Gai can use it to become his true form, Ultraman Orb.
  • Ultra Fusion Card Harvesting: After a King Demon Beast is defeated, it leaves behind its Maga Crystal. The Orb Ring can turn the Crystals into the Ultra Fusion Card of the Ultra who sealed away that King Demon Beast Kaiju. It can also turn an Ultra's light into an Ultra Fusion Card, as seen with Ginga, Victory, X, and Seven.



  • Voice actor: Takahiro Sakurai[1]
  • The toy version of the Orb Ring has sounds for fusions that exist in the past. Here's the list of fusions:
    • Ultraman Ginga + Ultraman Victory = Ultraman Ginga Victory
    • Ultraman Victory + Ultraman Hikari = Ultraman Victory Knight
    • Ultraman Mebius + Ultraman Hikari = Ultraman Mebius Brave
      • They can fuse into Phoenix Brave in Ultraman Fusion Fight! starting from Version 2.
    • Ultraman Ginga + Ultraman Taro = Ultraman Ginga Strium
    • Ultraman Zero + Ultraman Belial = Zero Darkness
    • Ultraman Dyna + Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman Zero = Ultraman Saga
    • Ultraman Gaia (V2) + Ultraman Agul = Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version
    • Ultraman + Zoffy + Ultraseven + Ultraman Jack + Ultraman Ace + Ultraman Taro = Ultraman Taro (Ultra Overlapping)
    • Ultraman + Zoffy + Ultraseven + Ultraman Jack + Ultraman Ace + Ultraman Taro + Ultraman Mebius = Ultraman Mebius Infinity
    • Ultimate Zero + Ultraman X = Ultraman X (Ultraman Zero Armor)
    • Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman Justice (Crusher Mode) = Ultraman Legend
  • The cards of Victory and Eleking/EX Red King/King Joe/Gudon can be scanned to make an UlTrans sound.


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