"Ultraman! Tiga! I'm borrowing the power of your lights!"

―Activation announcement for Spacium Zeperion

"Taro! Mebius! Help me bring the heat!"

―Activation announcement for Burnmite

"Jack! Zero! Give me something with an edge!"

―Activation announcement for Hurricane Slash

"Zoffy! (Gai roars in rage)"

―Initial activation announcement for Thunder Breaster

"Belial! Zoffy! I'm borrowing the power of darkness and light!"

―First standard activation announcement for Thunder Breaster

"Zoffy! Belial! I'm borrowing the power of light and darkness!"

―Second standard activation announcement for Thunder Breaster

"Fusion Up! Ultraman Orb: (form)!"

―Transformation announcement for Fusion Up forms

"Awaken: Orb Origin!"

―Transformation announcement for Orb Origin

"Unleash the power of Orb!"

―Orb Supreme Calibur's finisher announcement upon scanning the Orbcalibur

"Trinity Fusion!"

―Transformation announcement for Orb Trinity

"Ginga! X! Give me the power to electrify my enemies!"

―Activation announcement for Lightning Attacker

"Ginga! X! I'm borrowing the possibility of the future!"

―Alternate activation announcement for Lightning Attacker

"Seven! Zero! I'm borrowing the power of father and son!"

―Activation announcement for Emerium Slugger

Orb Ring
Orb ring
User(s): Gai Kurenai
First Appearance: Ultraman Orb
Status: In use

The Orb Ring (オーブリング Ōbu Ringu?) is Ultraman Orb's transformation device, used by his human form Gai Kurenai. It also grants Ultraman Orb access to the combined powers of the past 42 Ultra Warriors via the Ultra Fusion Cards. Its dark counterpart is the Dark Ring, used by Gai's archenemy Jugglus Juggler.


Chapter 3: "The Man Who Stole the Black Hole" arc

Gai obtained the Orb Ring when he returned to Planet O-50 after his journeys. He then assumed his third mission to the Earth to stop the revival of Ultimate King Demon Beast, Maga-Orochi despite being sealed by a princess in order to prevent the hatching of the egg. At the end time, Juggler obtained the Dark Ring and chased Gai to Earth.

Ultraman Orb

Ever since the loss of Orbcalibur in his feud with Maga-Zetton, Gai was forced to rely on the Orb Ring as an alternative to his transformation. This device allows him to assume Ultraman Orb, only with the use of past Ultra Powers. After gaining confidence with his powers, the Orbcalibur returned to him but nonetheless, he would still require the Orb Ring due to said weapon kept in the form of his own Ultra Fusion Card.


  • Transformation: Being Orb's transformation device, Gai can use it to become his true form, Ultraman Orb.
  • Ultra Fusion Card Harvesting: After a King Demon Beast is defeated, it leaves behind its Maga Crystal. The Orb Ring can turn the Crystals into the Ultra Fusion Card of the Ultra who sealed away that King Demon Beast Kaiju.



  • Voice actor: Takahiro Sakurai[1]
  • The toy version of the Orb Ring has sounds for fusions that exist in the past. Here's the list of fusions:
    • Ultraman Ginga + Ultraman Victory = Ultraman Ginga Victory
    • Ultraman Victory + Ultraman Hikari = Ultraman Victory Knight
    • Ultraman Mebius + Ultraman Hikari = Ultraman Mebius Brave
      • The reason why Mebius and Hikari can't form Phoenix Brave is because CREW GUYS is not involved in the fusion. Despite that, they can fuse into Phoenix Brave in Ultraman Fusion Fight starting from Version 2.
    • Ultraman Ginga + Ultraman Taro = Ultraman Ginga Strium
    • Ultraman Zero + Ultraman Belial = Zero Darkness
    • Ultraman Dyna + Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman Zero = Ultraman Saga
    • Ultraman Gaia (V2) + Ultraman Agul = Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version
    • Ultraman + Zoffy + Ultraseven + Ultraman Jack + Ultraman Ace + Ultraman Taro = Ultraman Taro (Ultra Overlapping)
    • Ultraman + Zoffy + Ultraseven + Ultraman Jack + Ultraman Ace + Ultraman Taro + Ultraman Mebius = Ultraman Mebius Infinity
    • Ultimate Zero + Ultraman X = Ultraman X (Ultraman Zero Armor)
    • Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman Justice (Crusher Mode) = Ultraman Legend
  • The cards of Victory and Eleking/EX Red King/King Joe/Gudon can be scanned to make an Ultrans sound.
  • Ginga, Victory, and X's cards can be scanned together to form a Trinity Fusion. This fusion will appear in Orb's movie, as well as in Fusion Fight. This fusion is likely made because not only are they the latest Ultramen prior to Orb, but they are also the only Ultras who use Spark Dolls.


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